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Salt Lake City’s new department helps bring in 6,000 jobs

New numbers released by the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office and the Department of Economic Development highlight the success of the new Department since its creation in mid-2016. The “2016-17: By the Numbers” report illustrates the SLCDED’s role in attracting businesses of all sizes to Salt Lake City, including Amazon, which announced in June it was building a large fulfillment center in the City’s Northwest Quadrant.

The report focuses on 15 projects the SLCDED played a major role in completing over the last year-and-a-half. In total, the projects added up to 6,214 new jobs, and $482,900,000 in capital investment.

“When we created this new department, our goal was to ensure the Capital City was leading the way to help keep Utah a top destination to do business, while also providing quality jobs for all people,” said Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “These projects were strategically selected to match the assets Salt Lake City brings to the table, and to fit within our City’s long-term goals, including sustainability and upward mobility.”

The new and expanded businesses represent various industries, including outdoor recreation, science and medical, retail, finance, shipping, real estate, food and beverage, and transportation.

“As the Crossroads of the West, home to world-class research universities, and with a well-educated workforce, Salt Lake City has incredible opportunities for economic growth,” said Lara Fritts, Director of the Department of Economic Development. “Over the last 18-months we have worked with EDCUtah and GOED as part of a “Team Utah” approach to ensure we are fully capitalizing on the City’s potential, including the Northwest Quadrant, our arts scene, and the construction of a new airport.”

The report also places the average compensation for the 6,214 jobs at $66,096, with a range between approximately $42,000 and $105,000.

“What we can see is that our efforts are creating what I like to call jobs for all people,” said Mayor Biskupski. “These are jobs for individuals with varying levels of skill, with companies that also offer career advancement, education opportunities, and various benefits for employees.”

To view the “2016-17: By the Numbers” report visit here.


About Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development: Formed in 2016, under the leadership of Mayor Jackie Biskupski, Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development is focused on building Salt Lake City as a vibrant, beautiful, prosperous, diverse, and authentic place – a place that is economically accessible to everyone. Known as the “Crossroads of the West,” Salt Lake City is strategically located for businesses to succeed. SLCDED works to streamline processes, provide excellent customer service, and offer an array of resources and services to recruit and retain businesses in the City, and ensure they have the tools to thrive.

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