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Salt Lake City to test two new intersection designs at 900 South and 1100 East

In anticipation of a 2019 reconstruction of 900 South, between Lincoln Street and 1300 East, Salt Lake City’s Transportation and Engineering Divisions are testing two temporary intersection designs at the 900 South, 1100 East, and Gilmer Drive intersection.

The temporary intersections, known as “pop-ups”, will use materials like traffic cones to simulate two proposed reconfigurations.

From May 16th to the 23rd the City will test a five-leg roundabout. Roadway users will use the roundabout conventionally: counter-clockwise circulation, yielding to traffic from the left and to all persons walking or bicycling. All legs of the intersection will be under yield, and not stop, control.

From May 23rd to the 30th, the City will test a motor vehicle closure of the western end of Gilmer Drive. All residents will be able to access their homes, but from the south and east. “Roadway Closed” signs will be present at three locations on lower Gilmer, two of which will be passable for local residents.

“Pop-ups allow the City to test ideas in the real-word and gain informed feedback from community members,” according to Tom Millar, Transportation Planner for Salt Lake City’s Transportation Division. “Without pop-ups, the City would design and construct the infrastructure, collect data and public feedback, and then potentially make some possible changes. But with this approach, we collect some of the same data without as many impacts and with a lot of flexibility.”

Salt Lake City Transportation and Engineering Division staff worked with residents, businesses, Fire Department, Waste Management, and the Utah Transit Authority to develop processes and designs for the “pop-up” intersection options.

Learn more about the “pop-up” intersections and how the City and community members have been working together to refine the project design by visiting the project webpage (


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