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Giddy up! SLC has more free bike corrals available to install at local businesses

Salt Lake City is making it easier to bike to your favorite restaurant, bar, coffee shop or even the aviary. The City has installed ten bike corrals at local businesses but another ten corrals are available for free at the request of a business owner.

Squatters Pub at 147 West 300 South was the first business to install a corral in 2010. “It’s very cool,” said James Soares, Squatters director of operations. “We want to appeal to all kinds of commuters—especially bikers. These bikers help our air quality and come in thirsty.”

The expansion of bike corrals is part of Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s plan to make Salt Lake City a very bike-friendly place to live.

“We want to help people get out of their cars, get on a bike and help clean our air,” said Mayor Biskupski. “This is also a great opportunity for businesses to show how much they care about their customers and what we all breathe.”

Each corral takes up one parking space, but one corral allows up to ten cyclists to lock up their bicycles. The corrals are installed from April to November and then removed for snow plowing in the winter.  Where sidewalk or park strip space permits, the city prefers to install permanent bike parking.

“Bike corrals have been very popular with customers and business owners at locations such as restaurants, coffee-shops and bars–social destinations where friends may ride together,” according to Becka Roolf, Salt Lake City active transportation planner. “At these locations, there’s a real need for bicycle parking, especially during the summer.”

Here are the locations of the bike corrals available now:

  • Squatters Pub – 147 West 300 South
  • Bruges Waffles and Frites – 336 West 300 South
  • Sugar House Pub – 1992 South 1100 East – SLC’s first double-corral
  • Tracy Aviary – Liberty Park
  • Bar X / Beer Bar – 155 East 200 South – double-corral
  • Twilite Lounge – 347 East 200 South
  • The Ruin – 1215 Wilmington Avenue, Sugar House
  • Coffee Noir – 1035 East 200 South

Eric Little is the manager of Bruges Waffles and Frites. He said the bike corral makes a lot of sense for the restaurant. “The number one way to get around in Belgium is by bicycle and the country’s air keeps getting better,” said Little. “Bikers see our corrals right away and so they become potential customers.”

More information about the corrals and how a business can sign up for one next season can be found at

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