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Local salon owner opens Dry Spell, a new co-working approach and dry bar service

A new spin to a traditional business opens today in Salt Lake City. Dry Spell is a part- time dry bar hair salon that also provides rent-by-the-hour co-working space for hairdressers.

A dry bar specializes in “blowouts,” simple and quick treatments that wash and style a client’s hair for a fraction of the cost of a regular salon. They are designed for clients who dislike spending hours in a salon but need to look their best for special events. The approach is a limited service menu but a high-quality product during peak hours of the day.

During non-peak hours, Dry Spell offers hourly booth rentals for hair dressers who need more flexibility and don’t want to commit to long term contracts. It’s a way to help an under-served segment of entrepreneurial hairdressers in Salt Lake City that isn’t currently available.

The 625 square foot space is located at 350 E. 800 S. in Salt Lake City and offers amenities for the hairdressing professional aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship, small business development, and community engagement.

“It’s a space and place for independent people who are otherwise isolated,” says owner Steven Petersen. “But the real appeal of this location is the energy of being in the city. It’s a vibrant epicenter with a diverse clientele. The neighborhood has nice pockets of relatability. We just really like the energy of being in the city.”

Dry Spell also serves as a landing pad for hairdressers visiting Salt Lake City from around the country; people who are looking to set up new locations or better serve their Utah clientele.

Salt Lake City’s Economic Development Director Lara Fritts adds, “We are focused on helping our local businesses not just survive, but also thrive, and Dry Spell is a great example. We’re proud to have a business partner like Steven Petersen realize a need in our community, and fulfilling that gap is also helping to support entrepreneurs near and far.”

Already a Salt Lake City business owner, Petersen applauds the City’s Business Development team for the amount of support he has received in this venture.

“We’re impressed with the speed and support we’re getting from the city in establishing our business,” Petersen says. “Working with Local Business and Entrepreneurship Manager Roberta Reichgelt has been great. It’s nice having a face to put with the process – someone we can meet and talk to.”

About Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development: Formed in 2016, under the leadership of Mayor Jackie Biskupski, Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development is focused on building Salt Lake City as a vibrant, beautiful, prosperous, diverse, and authentic place – a place that is economically accessible to everyone. Known as the “Crossroads of the West,” Salt Lake City is strategically located for businesses to succeed. SLCDED works to streamline processes, provide excellent customer service, and offer an array of resources and services to recruit and retain businesses in the City, and ensure they have the tools to thrive.

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