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Torrent Cycle to Open First Studio in Downtown Salt Lake City

Torrent Cycle is opening a new boutique cycling studio in Salt Lake City at 252 E. Broadway. The 3,200 sq. ft. studio will feature specialty cycling and workout areas, full-service locker rooms, towel service, and convenient access to the downtown business district. The company’s $600,000 investment will bring 15 new jobs to the City.

Torrent Cycle is part of a national boutique fitness movement, targeting the devoted fitness elite who demand more than what the traditional big-box gym can deliver. The premium service caters to a niche clientele who wants convenience, flexibility, and a sense of community. Unlike the traditional membership model, Torrent Cycle is centered on class-based payment, with membership as an option for super-consumers.

Torrent Cycle is co-founded by Mike Barney and Dan Cooney who recognized (while living in New York City) that Salt Lake lacks a specialized workout experience that Torrent Cycle delivers. Instructors guide riders through an inspirational, meditative fitness experience in a dark candlelit room to high-energy music. Says Cooney, “The setting is designed in a way that riders get lost in the experience so that it becomes natural to reconnect to their health and our community.”

“As one of the most active cities in the country, Salt Lake City was a logical place for Torrent Cycle to open their doors,” said the city’s Department of Economic Development Director, Lara Fritts. “Mike and Dan are also recipients of a $100,000 loan through Salt Lake City’s Economic Development Loan Fund (EDLF), a tool that not only encourages private investment, but it enhances neighborhood vitality and brings positive social impact to our residents. I’m happy their experience doing business with the city has been positive and look forward to seeing their continued growth.”

A grand opening party will be held Friday, December 7th from 4-8pm at 252 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City. For more information, go to

About Torrent:

Torrent Cycle is Salt Lake City’s premier indoor rhythm-based cycling studio featuring high intensity cardio, strength training, and energetic choreography. With a clean and modern design, professionally trained instructors, and full-service locker rooms and showers, Torrent Cycle elevates your experience and your results. To learn more about the business, go to

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