Salt Lake City

Mayor Biskupski’s statement on H.B. 433

“I am not surprised to see yet another power grab from the State targeting Salt Lake City, even after assurances were made at the beginning of the session this would not happen. 

H.B. 433 makes clear what I knew last year, which is that any attempt to negotiate in good faith over this unprecedented bill will be met with goal shifting on the part of the State, designed to incrementally force Salt Lake City to bend to the legislature’s will under the cover of cooperation. 

Rather than seriously address the significant issues of transparency, environmental impact, and respect for local control, the bill released today reinforces the worst parts of the original legislation. This bill effectively creates a government entity, not only unaccountable to the community, but immune from judicial scrutiny, closing the courtroom door to local communities.

The original Inland Port legislation and these amendments are bad public policies which hurt every city across the State. Only if local elected leaders and municipalities come together to fight this power grab by the State will we have any chance of stopping further harm to our communities.”

Contact: Matthew Rojas

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