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Salt Lake City Brown Compost Can Collection Resumes Next Week

Beginning March 11, Salt Lake City will end the six-week wintertime suspension of green waste collection which commenced Jan. 28. The annual suspension occurs during a period of very low demand, while also coinciding with the wintertime inversion season. Suspending collection results in reduced fuel use, air pollution, and carbon emissions. The cost savings remain in the waste and recycling enterprise fund.

Residents may now place their brown cans at the curb on their regular collection day each week.

“We know that many residents are anxious to start yard work and we appreciate their patience and cooperation during the suspension,” said Lance Allen, Waste & Recycling Director for Salt Lake City.  

“Now that collection is about to resume, we’d like to reiterate what should and shouldn’t go in the brown cans,” he added. 

Acceptable items include: leaves, twigs, branches, grass, weeds, bushes and other organic lawn waste. Residents may also put fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds and paper filters, and tea bags in the brown containers. 

Items that do not belong in the brown can include: construction and treated wood, planters, pots, pavers, lawn décor, dirt, rocks, gravel, plastic, metal, or trash. 

“We thank residents for their cooperation,” said Lance Allen. “The Salt Lake City community is a leader in landfill diversion due to our recycling and compost programs. That’s the result of everyone doing their part and something we can all be proud of!”  

The material from brown cans is processed at the Salt Lake Valley compost facility and turned into wood chips, mulch, and compost, which is then available for purchase. The product has been certified for quality by the U.S. Composing Council. It sells for $45 per 3 cubic yard scoop, or $15 per cubic yard. Compost and mulch are available for purchase year-round.

For more information:

Residents may call 801-535-6999 or visit the following pages:

Salt Lake City’s Compost Container:

Salt Lake City’s Waste Management Page:

Salt Lake Valley Compost:

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