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Hearing on proposed 4th Avenue Well postponed

A public hearing scheduled for Thursday, June 6th before Salt Lake City’s Historic Landmark Commission (HLC) on the proposed design of the 4th Avenue well near Memory Grove has been postponed to a date to be determined.

The Salt Lake City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday, June 4th to approve the well upgrade project of the Department of Public Utilities’ FY 2020 budget, but contingent on certain additional work and reporting to the Council. The reason for the postponement is to allow Public Utilities and the City Council additional time to coordinate together on these requirements, while continuing to prioritize the upgrade of the well. A new hearing will be scheduled with the HLC once this coordination is complete.

“We remain very concerned that the 4th Avenue Well must be upgraded and brought to the surface in a well-house at its current location,” said Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “The criticality of this well cannot be overstated – this well allowed for the successful fighting of several wildfires last year near Victory Road, Beck Street, and Ensign Peak. It also provides drinking water and fire protection for much of downtown Salt Lake City during the heat of the summer. This brief delay will give us time to do additional work with the community to resolve critical regulatory, safety and water reliability issues that affects the general public and our dedicated water operators.”

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