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Parking Enforcement Returning to Regular Operations Nov. 1

SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake City will resume enforcement of several parking ordinances that were suspended in March. The following parking ordinances and allowances will be reinstated on Nov. 1, 2020.

  • Time Limited Parking on Certain Streets (Ord. 12.56.450)
  • Using Streets for Storage Prohibited (Ord. 12.56.520)
  • Using Streets for Storage of Motor Homes, Boats and Trailers Prohibited (Ord. 12.56.525)
  • No Stopping or Parking; Color Markings and Signs (12.56.310B)
  • Parking of self-contained recreation vehicles on City streets

Salt Lake City’s Compliance Division will use the days leading up to Nov. 1 to inform drivers of the upcoming change. During this period, vehicle owners who are not in compliance with any of the above ordinances will receive information in the form of a warning citation that will not require payment. Beginning Nov. 1, citations will be issued. 


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