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New Flag Now Waving Above Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake City’s newly adopted flag is waving above the City & County Building as of Friday morning, when Mayor Erin Mendenhall and City Council Chair Chris Wharton raised it for the first time. 

“It looks perfectly at home flying above the City, with historic City Hall to the west, and our beautiful Wasatch mountains to the east,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “This new flag is the culmination of a lot of creativity and collaboration and has truly been a highlight of 2020. I have relished everything about this process, and I believe the people of Salt Lake City will feel the unifying effect of living and working under this shared banner.”

The new design is the result of an open call for submissions, which saw more than 650 entries from members of the public, from elementary school students to grandparents. Of the hundreds of designs, two rose to the top, with the Salt Lake City Flag Design Committee combining elements from both Arianna Meinking’s and Ella Kennedy-Yoon’s submissions to create the final design. 

Multiple meanings are found within the new flag, which consists of a horizontal band of light blue above white with a three-petaled Sego Lily on the left third of the blue band. The white band can symbolize the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” found in the mountains surrounding the city. The blue can represent the water of the Great Salt Lake, and bright, blue skies. And the Sego Lily — a hardy flowering plant native to the valley and relied on by indigenous tribes for a variety of uses —  represents the resilience of the City and its residents, as well as the three-word name of Salt Lake City, the only capital city in the nation with three words. 

“It’s been really special to be part of this process, and I love that two young women are the visionaries behind this design that will carry Salt Lake City forward for years to come,” said Chris Wharton, City Council Chair. 

Individuals and businesses interested in flying their own City flag are encouraged to visit to download the design files to send to a printer or flag maker. 


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