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Mayor Mendenhall Proposes Wage Increase For Non-represented City Employees

July, 13, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall is taking a first step in her commitment to address gaps in the City’s non-union-represented employee wages today. The Mayor is proposing a budget amendment that, if approved, would give those City employees a 4.5 percent raise.

“Salt Lake City’s employees do the most challenging municipal work in our state. They are the best, they are the backbone of this City, and they should be compensated in a way that reflects that,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “As we work to create a sustainable strategy that will ensure each of our employees is paid appropriately for their work, my hope is that this increase shows our commitment to the wellbeing of our team, and to an equitable workplace.” 

The approved budget for Fiscal Year 2022 included a 2 percent raise for all non-represented employees, which went into effect on July 1. The amendment recommends an increase of 4.5 percent, an additional 2.5% over the already approved increase, which will help the City’s over 1,700 non-represented employee wages keep pace with represented employees.

The amendment also proposes funding for police sergeants, lieutenants, and captains who are not represented by the Salt Lake Police Association (SLPA) to receive an increase equal to that of the top police officer at 11.9 percent. Similarly, Fire Battalion Chiefs, who are not represented by the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 81 (IAFF Local 81), would receive a 4.5 percent increase. Appointed Police and Fire employees also receive a 4.5 percent increase.

This proposal comes after the Mayor announced on June 25 the correction of pay discrepancies with the three unions that represent hundreds of City employees – American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME,) IAFF Local 81, and SLPA. The move was in response to years of incremental union wage increases that had caused the City to fall behind the regional market.

Budget Amendment #1 for FY22 was discussed today during the City Council work session, and will be followed by a public hearing tentatively scheduled for July 20. 


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