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COUNCIL: Redistricting Commission Members Selected

February 16, 2022

Contact: Beatrix Sieger
Council Communication Team

Redistricting Commission Members Selected

Nine diverse community members will help ensure fairly represented Salt Lake City Districts.

SALT LAKE CITY –The City Council has organized an independent commission of residents to serve in an advisory role during the City’s redistricting process. The Commission’s work will begin in the coming weeks. Nine applicants have been selected based on multiple factors including diversity. The Commission Members for the Redistricting Commission are:

  • Erik Lopez for District One  
  • Marti Woolford for District Two   
  • Mallory Bateman for District Three  
  • Neil Vander Most for District Four  
  • Eric Kenney for District Five  
  • Anne Cannon for District Six  
  • Elisabeth Morrey for District Seven  
  • Diya Oommen for at-large 
  • Daniel Cairo for at-large 

To learn more about the commission, please visit:

Commission Members will:

1) meet at least twice a month from February until the Council adopts new boundaries, 
2) attend meetings to gather concerns, ideas, and input, and  
3) present a list of guiding values for District maps 
4) present suggested maps for Council District boundaries for the City Council’s consideration.

Redistricting is a process that occurs every ten years, where states use the most recent census data to designate electoral boundaries within the state. The process is necessary because it may create political inequities that, over time, undermine democratic representation.

Local redistricting determines which neighborhoods and communities in the City are grouped together into districts that elect City Council members. By ensuring each district has approximately the same number of people, redistricting provides fairer representation on the City Council.

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