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COUNCIL: SLC Council completes the redistricting process by adopting a new district map for the decade ahead


May 10, 2022

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SLC Council completes the redistricting process by adopting a new district map for the decade ahead

New City district boundaries approved by City Council 

SALT LAKE CITY – The Salt Lake City Council adopted new council district boundaries during their May 10 meeting, with a unanimous Council vote. The selected map adjusts the boundaries of six of the Council Districts (all but District 1). This new map is effective upon signature and will be in place for the next ten years.   

The Council appointed a City Redistricting Advisory Commission in February, which consisted of one representative from each of the seven Council Districts and two at-large members. After six meetings, the Commission recommended six maps at an earlier Council meeting in April. 

During the public redistricting process, the Council deliberated boundary changes, considered public comments, and reviewed six maps recommended by the commission. The redistricting process is a key function of the City Council, and in their deliberation considered population growth, self-identified boundaries of community organizations, voting precincts, natural and human-made physical barriers, and the diversity and character of each district. Each map presented good options for balancing the different goals.  

“I must thank the redistricting commission and the residents who submitted ideas,” said Council Chair Dan Dugan, “for their thoughtful and deliberate work in providing map options. The collaboration across the city was a clear example of an engaged city working together.” 

After evaluating the map options, the Council adopted the “Politely Compact with Minimal Changes” map,  which provides for consistent representation on the Council by allowing for continuity of Council representation. Other benefits of this map include substantially equalizing the population, and to preserve minority-majority districts.  The Council’s aim is to protect the cultural, ethnic, and historic identities of neighborhoods while also maintaining the core areas of past districts within the new district boundaries. The Council also made a few adjustments to the new map so that they would not be splitting up established neighborhoods.  

Politely Compact with Minimal Changes Map
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Map of the approved city council boundaries

“It is the Council’s hope that residents will see that the new map captures the current identity and uniqueness of each district and that all residents feel truly represented and included,” said Vice Chair Darin Mano. “The process of redistricting is very important. We considered equity, neighborhood identity, and urban design in considering where to place district boundaries.” 

To learn more about the redistricting process, please visit:

Redistricting is a process that occurs every ten years, where states, counties, and cities use the most recent census data to designate electoral boundaries. Local redistricting determines which neighborhoods and communities in the city are grouped together into districts that elect City Council Members. By ensuring each district has approximately the same number of people, redistricting provides fairer representation on the City Council.   

The Salt Lake City Council is working to ensure fairly represented, non-partisan voices help shape Salt Lake City’s Districts. It’s Your City, Your Business!   


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