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Salt Lake City Mayor, Four Council Members Begin New Terms

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Salt Lake City Mayor, Four Council Members Begin New Terms

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan 2., 2024 – City Hall welcomes five newly sworn elected officials this afternoon with Mayor Erin Mendenhall and four City Council Members—Alejandro Puy, Eva Lopez Chavez, Dan Dugan, and Sarah Young—taking the oath of office and marking the official start of their respective terms.

“If the last four years were forged by historic crisis, the next four will be forged by historic opportunity,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “This moment is about deciding whether our future is more exciting than our past; it’s about protecting and improving our unique quality of life; it’s about hard-wiring equity into the future of our city; and it’s strengthening what brings us together as a community. This is a moment that demands boldness, creativity and most of all, it demands partnership.”

The Council maintains its status as a majority-minority legislative body—with most Council Members identifying as people of color and LGBTQ+—and welcomes its first-ever elected Mexican American Council Member, Lopez Chavez.

“It’s beautiful to witness our City moving beyond the firsts and normalizing diversity in public office,” said Salt Lake City Council Chair Darin Mano, who was the first Asian American Council Member when he was elected. “Our City’s commitment to representation ensures a vibrant and inclusive future, where everyone feels considered.”

All elected officials, except for Young, begin four-year terms. Young begins a two-year term, with the District 7 seat returning to the ballot in 2025 for a full four-year term.

The Inauguration and Oath of Office ceremony took place at the Salt Lake City Main Library’s Nancy Tessman Auditorium and featured cultural performances by Ballet Folklórico ECK, Lil’ Kai and Michaëlle Martial.

The new Council will convene for their first meetings of the year, including a Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting and Council Meeting, on Jan. 9.


About Salt Lake City:
Salt Lake City Corporation is the municipal government for Utah’s capital city. The Mayor is the chief executive and the City Council is the legislative body. Committed to providing outstanding public services, fostering community engagement, and promoting innovation, Salt Lake City Corporation is dedicated to creating a city that thrives and reflects the values of its diverse residents. For more information, visit

About The Salt Lake City Council:  

The Salt Lake City Council is the seven-member legislative branch of Utah’s capital city. The Council sets Salt Lake City’s overall policy direction and allocates resources via the adoption of annual budgets and ordinances. The Council also serves as the Board of Directors for Salt Lake City’s Redevelopment Agency, the Local Building Authority, and the Board of Canvassers. For more information, visit

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