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Business Advisory Board

Housed in the Department of Economic Development, the Business Advisory Board seeks to encourage economic development and targeted industry relocation within City boundaries. The board also helps direct City economic policy, promote small business growth, support local entrepreneurship, and assist the City in remaining responsive to the business community.

Contact Information

Roberta Reichgelt

Business Development Director

For Agenda and Minutes, please visit the Salt Lake City listing in the Utah Public Notice Database.

Ordinance and Governing Documents


Please see below for upcoming term expiration/vacancy dates.

If you are interested in serving on this board, please fill out and submit an application online.  Please include “BAB Application” as the title and also send a separate email to Roberta Reichgelt ( to inform her of your application.

Only applications submitted up to one year prior to a vacancy date will be considered. The Mayor’s office will only contact applicants when considering them for specific appointments.

Meeting Information

Second Wednesday of every month, from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

City and County Building, Room 335, 451 S State, Salt Lake City

Member Qualifications

Up to eleven members, appointed by Mayor Erin Mendenhall, serve on the Business Advisory Board. In addition to their advisory duties, Business Advisory board members serve as ambassadors of the City, educating various groups and communities of Salt Lake City’s policies to encourage business development within City boundaries. Each member serves a four-year term and must be at least 21 years of age.

Residency Requirements: Must be a resident or have ownership interest in a business located within Salt Lake City.

Powers and Duties

To foster an equitable and robust business ecosystem as ambassadors, advocates, and advisors.

Current Members

#MemberBusinessDistrictServing SinceTerm Expiration
1Alfonso Brito Santo Taco12020December 2024
2Jeff CarletonMountain West Hard Cider32019December 2023
3Andy RobertsonIoniq32021December 2025
4Darin PiccoliThe State Room42018December 2021
5Abudujannah SoudCafé Mamai52018October 2022
6Sue RiceCeltic Bank62016December 2023
7Karen GunnGunn Consulting Cooperative62016December 2023
8Scott LyttleTea Zaanti72021August 2025
13Kristina OlivasDowntown Allianceex-officio member2019December 2022
14Edward BennettSuazo Business Centerex-officio member20202021