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City & County Building Conservation & Use Committee

This advisory committee advises Mayor Mendenhall regarding the use, maintenance, preservation and modification of the City & County Building, including its historical fabric, and furnishings. The committee also reviews and oversees the preservation of Washington Square.

Agendas and Minutes


Meeting Information

Second Monday of the month, beginning at 4:00 p.m.

City and County Building, Room 148, 451 S State, Salt Lake City

Member Qualifications

The City and County Building Conservation and Use committee is composed of eight voting members. Mayor Mendenhall, City Attorney, support services manager, and city engineer are all considered ex-officio, non-voting members of the board. The board requires expertise in historic preservation. As such, the committee is composed of a licensed architect, a member of the Utah Heritage Foundation, a member of the Salt Lake Arts Council, a Landscape Architect, a member of the Utah Historical Society, a licensed engineer, and two at-large representatives.

Powers and Duties

  • Recommend policies and procedures for public use requests
  • Develop guidelines ensuring historic preservation of building
  • Advise Mayor Mendenhall on improvements and alterations to the building and grounds
  • Review and advise on the effectiveness of building operations and maintenance manual, potential contractors, and annual inspections/inspectors

Current Members

MemberServing SinceCouncil DistrictTerm Expires
Robb Pett2015Architect8/2019
Mark Thimm11/1/17Engineer11//21
Jennifer Hale2016Landscape Architect8/2020
Barbara Murphy2016At Large8/2020
John Kemp2017At Large1/2020
Steven Cornell2013Utah Heritage Foundation9/2023
Anne Oliver2015Utah Historical Society7/2019

Contact Information

Joan Swain

Office Facilitator

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