Salt Lake City

Boards and Commissions

Capital Improvements Project Advisory Board (CDCIP)

The CDCIP provides citizens with an opportunity to participate, in an advisory role, in the City’s planning, assessment and allocation of its community development grants and capital improvement programs. The Board provides information from persons who live and/or work in carious neighborhoods to aid the City in identifying the needs within those areas and the programs and projects to be completed as part of the City’s community development and capital improvement programs. Board members review US Department of Housing and Urban Development project/program proposals, and provide prioritized funding recommendations that pertain to the City’s Community Development Block Grant and the Emergency Solutions Grant. The Board also reviews and compiles a priority listing of project proposals pertaining to the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). These recommendations are also presented to Mayor Erin Mendenhall and then forwarded to the City Council for their consideration.

Contact Information

Kerry Thomas


Agendas and Minutes

Bylaws and Governing Documents

Meeting Information

As needed; during application period October through March, meet weekly on Mondays, beginning at 5:30 p.m.
City and County Building, Room 118, 451 S State, Salt Lake City

Member Qualifications

The Board requires at least one member is appointed from each council district. Priority is also given to include representation of all income levels, ethnic diversity, persons with disabilities, community advocates and business and commercial interests. Eleven members serve three year terms on the board.

Residency requirement:  Must be Salt Lake City residents.

Powers and Duties

  • Coordinate with Housing and Neighborhood Development Division on strategic plans and goals of the division
  • Reviews, prioritizes and makes recommendations on submitted project funding requests to Mayor Mendenhall
  • Monitor and evaluate CDCIP Projects
  • Establish and maintain communications with Salt Lake Community Councils

Member Serving Since Council District Term Expires
Heidi Steed February 2019 1 September 2025
Brad Christensen July 2022 2 June 2025
Vacant 3
Rich Nazzaro January 2022 4 June 2025
Jake Skog January 2022 5 June 2025
Vacant 6
Elke Opsahl August 2020 7 June 2023
Brooke Young September 2017 At Large June 2023
Jenny Bonk January 2022 At Large June 2025
Jason Motley August 2020 At Large June 2023