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Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission focuses on eliminating discrimination in Salt Lake City to better enhance the general welfare of the city’s residents by enhancing the vitality of diverse neighborhoods and businesses.

Agendas and Minutes

Ordinance and Governing Documents


The Human Rights Commission has two (2) upcoming vacancies in District 4* and District 6*. If you are interested in serving on this commission, please fill out and submit an application online. To find out which district you reside in go here.

Please see below for all upcoming term expiration/vacancy dates. Only applications submitted up to one year prior to a vacancy date will be considered. The Mayor’s office will only contact applicants when considering them for specific appointments.

Alternative formats of this application are available upon request. Please call 801-535-6244.

Meeting Information

First Tuesday of the month, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Salt Lake City and County Building, 451 South State, Room 335

Member Qualifications

Nine members, must be 21 years of age and a resident of Salt Lake City serve on the Human Rights Commission. Seven members are required to represent each of the council districts, while the other two members from the community represent diversity. Members are appointed by Mayor Erin Mendenhall with the advice and consent of the City Council.

Powers and Duties

The Commission makes recommendations to Mayor Mendenhall and City Council concerning:

  • The ongoing review of ordinances/policies
  • Use of educational resources regarding issues of discrimination and equal treatment
  • Reviewing of complaints of discrimination involving city departments/services for the
  • purpose of identifying the possible systemic or institutional sources for discrimination
  • Assessment of legislation, policies or any other action by the city designed to further the elimination of prejudice and discrimination
  • Actions as a resource at the request of community councils

Current Members

# Member District Serving Since Term Expires
1 Jason Wessel D1 2016  December 2019
2 Esther Stowell D2
3 Ashley Cleveland D3 2020 December 2024
4 Wisam Khudhair* D4 2018  May 2022
5 Nicole Salazar-Hall D5 2017  November 2021
6 Kimberlyn Mains* D6 2018  April 2022
7 Shauna Doumbia D7 2017  October 2020
8 Luna Banuri At-Large 2018  May 2022
9 Mailee Yang At-Large 2019  December 2023

Contact Information

Celina Milner
(801) 535-7982