Salt Lake City

Boards and Commissions

Redevelopment Advisory Committee

The Redevelopment Advisory Committee advises the Redevelopment Advisory (RDA) Board of Directors concerning the Agency’s programs, activities and project areas. The committee consults with experts in finance, real estate and affordable housing development for specific projects. For more information on the Redevelopment Advisory Board, please go here.

Contact Information

Redevelopment Advisory Committee

451 S State, Rm. 118

Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Robyn Stine –

(801) 535-7203

Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Information

First Wednesday of the month, beginning at 4:00 p.m.
City and County Building, Room 126, 451 S State, Salt Lake City

Member Qualifications

Seven to nine members serve four-year terms on the Redevelopment Advisory Committee. Members are appointed on the basis of their individual expertise and not their affiliation with particular groups or organizations or geographic areas. Experience in finance, construction, law, architecture, and planning are preferred, but not required. All members must be at least twenty- one years of age. The committee must have at least five members who live within Salt Lake City.

Residency requirements: must be a resident of the state of Utah.

Powers and Duties

  • Study, review, and analyze matters or issues affecting RDA programs, activities, and project areas
  • Establishes rules and regulations regarding conduct of the Redevelopment Advisory Committee
  • Hold public meetings and obtain public comments when requested by the Director
  • Assist in coordinating activities of the RDA with city’s planning staff and other entities

Current Members

CommitteeMemberServing SinceTerm Expires
Administrator/Outside SLCMojdeh Sakaki (Chair)May 2019January 2027
ArchitectBaxter Reecer (Vice Chair)August 2022January 2026
Planning & DevelopmentMark IsaacJune 2017May 2025
ArchitectRosa BandeirinhaMarch 2021January 2025
Real EstateNic PetersonMay 2021January 2025
Finance & HousingAmy RowlandAugust 2022January 2026
Real EstateBrian DoughtyAugust 2018January 2027