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Transportation Advisory Board

The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) was created by City Council ordinance in 1997 to provide recommendations to the Transportation Division, Mayor Erin Mendenhall, and City Council regarding transportation decisions and issues affecting Salt Lake City.

Agendas and Minutes

Bylaws and Governing Documents

Meeting Information

First Monday of the month, beginning at 4:00 p.m.

349 S 200 E, Ste 150, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Member Qualifications

The Transportation Advisory Board consists of up to 15 members, each serving three-year terms. Membership consists of one resident from each of the City’s seven (7) city council districts, one representative of the Salt Lake City school district and one member of the bicycle standing committee. Other individuals, representing organizations with continuing interest and involvement in city transportation issues affecting Salt Lake City may be appointed members, including, for example, but not limited to, the League of Women Voters, the Downtown Alliance, the Utah Transit Authority, the Downtown Retail Merchants Association, the University of Utah, the Utah Department of Transportation, or a business organization. The Transportation Director and a representative of the Salt Lake City Police Department shall be ex officio members of the board with no voting privileges.

Powers and Duties

  • Provide feedback on actions and studies underway by the Transportation Division
  • Review local and regional transportation issues and make recommendations to the transportation director, Mayor Mendenhall or city council
  • Assist in the development, implementation and ongoing updating of the city’s transportation master plans
  • Promote travel demand management strategies and encourage use of nonautomotive transportation modes
  • Promote public education of transportation issues affecting the city
  • Provide recommendations regarding priority and funding of transportation related capital improvement projects

Current Members

Member Serving Since Council District/Organization Term Expires
Courtney Reeser (Chair) 2016 1 2022
Jim Espeland 2020 2 2023
Dave Alderman 2018 3 2021
Daniel Mendoza 2017 4 2021
Benjamin LaRiviere 2020 5 2023
Ellen Reddick 2017 6 2020
Suzanne Stensaas 2017 7 2021
David Parrott 2020 Bicycle Advisory Committee Vice-Chair 2022
Paul Schulte (Vice-Chair) 2017 SLC School District 2020
Marjorie Rasmussen 2019 UDOT 2023
Reid Ewing 2014 University of Utah 2021
Kerry Doane 2019 UTA 2023
Greg Sanchez 2019 ITE (Utah Chapter) 2022
Myron Willson 2020 HEAL Utah 2023

Contact Information

Amy Lyons

Office Facilitator

(801) 535-6630 or