Salt Lake City

Boards and Commissions

Ordinance Summary

  • A full-time Investigator reports to the Board.
  • All complaints of excessive force will automatically be referred from the Internal Affairs Unit in the Police Department to the Police Civilian Review Board for review and investigation.
  • Persons may request an investigation of complaints not involving excessive force by submitting a request to the Police Civilian Review Board. Such a request must be filed within four business days of filing a complaint with Internal Affairs.
  • Complaints must first be filed with the Internal Affairs Unit at the Police Department before the Police Civilian Review Board has jurisdiction. The phone number for Internal Affairs is 799-3351.
  • The Board may audit and/or investigate cases other than excessive force at the Board’s discretion.
  • The Board will make a recommendation, based on its independent investigation, to the Police Chief.
  • The Police Civilian Review Board is advisory to the Police Chief. The Police Chief retains all authority regarding disciplinary action and/or training.

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