Salt Lake City

Boards and Commissions


What is the Police Civilian Review Board?

The Police Civilian Review Board is established in Salt Lake City ordinance 2.72. The Board is comprised of 21 members; two appointed from each of the City’s Council Districts. The Police Civilian Review Board is completely independent of the Police Department. 

What is the mission and purpose of the Board?

The purpose of the Board is to provide a mechanism independent of the Police Department for objective investigation of complaints of misconduct by police officers. The overall mission is to enhance the trust between the Police Department and the community it serves.

Who serves and for how long?

The Board is comprised of representatives from each of the City Council districts. The term of office is three years. Board members can be reappointed for a second term. No one may serve more than two full terms. Any person is qualified for appointment to the Board who is 21 years of age or older, is a resident of Salt Lake City, and does not have any felony convictions, pending indictments or informations or misdemeanor criminal convictions, or pending indictments involving violence or moral turpitude.

Who can file a complaint?

The aggrieved party or witnesses may file a complaint. If the complainant is a minor, family members may file the complaint for them. The guardian of an individual with a disability, which renders them incapable of filing the complaint themselves, may file for them. Anonymous complaints may be accepted if the individual making the complaint professes firsthand knowledge of the alleged police misconduct, and the complainant gives a reason for refusing to identify himself/herself that is deemed credible by the Investigator.

How can I file a complaint?

Complaints may be filed over the telephone by calling 535-7230, or in person at Plaza 349, 349 South 200 East, 4th Floor, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. Complaints may also be filed by printing the form on this website, filling it out, and mailing it to the Police Civilian Review Board, PO Box 145464, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-5464.

How long do I have to file a complaint?

A Request for an Investigation must be filed with the Police Civilian Review Board within four business days of filing a complaint with the Police Department.

What if my complaint is that a police officer used excessive force in dealing with me?

All complaints of excessive force will automatically be referred from Internal Affairs to the Police Civilian Review Board for an independent investigation. It is not necessary to file a separate Request for an Investigation with the Police Civilian Review Board if the complaint is the use of excessive force.

What happens after a Request for an Investigation is filed?

The Board’s Investigator will poll the Board and ask them whether they want the complaint investigated. If five Board members answer in the affirmative, the Investigator will initiate an investigation. The Investigator will conduct a side-by-side investigation with the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police Department. The Investigator will participate in all interviews, have access to all evidence, and may compel witnesses to be interviewed. Once the Investigator has finished the investigation, it is presented to a panel comprised of five Board members. The panel will deliberate and send a recommendation to the Police Chief regarding whether or not the complaint should be sustained, along with any other recommendations the panel, at its discretion, decides to send.

Who makes the final decision on any complaint and any resultant discipline or decision not to discipline?

The Police Chief has complete and final authority over all disciplinary decisions, but is required to take the recommendations of the Police Civilian Review Board into consideration.

What is the difference between the Police Civilian Review Board and the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police Department?

The Police Civilian Review Board is completely independent of the Police Department. Neither the Board nor the Investigator report to anyone at the Police Department. The Board’s funding is completely independent of the Police Department. Conversely, Internal Affairs is a unit within the Police Department that is responsible for conducting internal investigations of allegations against police officers. Internal Affairs reports within the Police Department.