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Homeless Housing Grant Program

Homeless Housing Grant Program

Salt Lake City (the “City”) has released $6 million dedicated to providing crucial subsidies for housing that is the most difficult to develop. This notice of funding availability (“NOFA”) for the Homeless Housing Grant Fund (HHGF) is another instance of the City prioritizing affordable and deeply affordable housing. The City is accepting applications for the construction or acquisition/rehabilitation of new permanent support housing (“PSH”) or transitional housing (“TH”) units. Projects shall target qualified low-income households that meet HUD’s definition of chronically homeless, are otherwise assessed by the region’s coordinated entry system as the most vulnerable homeless persons, or other populations with critical needs. Due to the limited cash flow generated by these types of housing projects, funding may be provided as a grant or a loan that converts to a grant. Funding shall leverage various other sources of local, state, and federal funds.

Applications will open September 30, 2022 and close October 14, 2022 at 5:00 pm.

At the City’s discretion, a subsequent NOFA will be issued at a future date if the entirety of the $6 million in funding is not disbursed because qualified applications are not received or if applications are deemed to not meet intent.

The project may be owned/operated by a mission-driven, non-profit, or public entity except for those identified by the Utah Housing Corporation as not in good standing.

For more information, see the HHGF Guidelines.

Homeless Housing Grant Fund Guidelines

Homeless Housing Grant Fund Application

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