Salt Lake City

SLC Counts 2020

Our communities matter – make sure they’re counted in the 2020 Census


Community Group Census 2020 Resources:

Use these resources to start your own Census 2020 outreach and engagement efforts in your community. Local community members are strong allies to breaking down barriers and ensuring their neighbors, family and friends are counted.

Talking points and questions and answers that span from protecting your information to what languages will be on the census.

Include the do’s and don’ts of supporting the U.S. Census Bureau and helping residents complete the census.

Host your own community town hall, PowerPoint presentation includes talking points.

See how the 2020 Census directly impacts the state of Utah.

Develop an action plan on reaching undercounted populations & think through marketing & messaging strategies.

Information on how the Census will be accessible for all members of our community.

Census 2020 Resource Videos:

What is the 2020 Census?

How will 2020 Census data be used?

How to Take the 2020 Census:

Census Jobs – Be a Census Taker: