Salt Lake City

Justice Court

333 S 200 E, Salt Lake City UT 84111

Jury Data

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Salt Lake City Justice Court had to make significant changes to our jury trial procedures to protect the safety of the public, our patrons, and our employees. For example, to facilitate remote jury selection via video conferencing, the court began collecting jury questionnaire responses electronically using The JuryCard system not only allowed judges and trial attorneys to view juror responses several days prior to the trial, it also made compiling data on the demographics and attitudes of our juror pool much easier than it had been in the past. With the help of Salt Lake City’s Chief Data Officer Nick Kryger, the court has compiled this data for the general public to view. This data can be found by clicking this link. Our goal is to regularly release similar data so that our court patrons can track the changes in the Salt Lake County jury pool over time. 

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