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Findings: Salt Lake City Restaurant Survey

Last month we lead an informal blog and survey asking what restaurants need to be in Salt Lake City, and where. It is the start of a great conversation about our City’s vitality and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Salt Lake City’s food scene is on the rise. We are grateful for the innovation and deliciousness happening in the Capital City. But we’re also curious to know … which restaurant, coffee shop, or other eating/drinking establishment should open in SLC (and what neighborhood)?

Our strong economy attracts people from other states and abroad. Chain restaurants naturally offer more name recognition, but it’s those treasured mom-and-pop places that make urban areas so special.  So, we were curious, are we missing anything?

Many of the comments from social media revealed a strong preference for non-chain restaurants. And to protect the treasures we have now. We couldn’t agree more! Salt Lake City has an upper hand when it comes to foodie restaurant culture, and many of us want to keep it that way.

The survey was a great conversation piece — we started with a quick internal survey to get a list going then left it open ended for suggestions. Here’s what over 240 responses revealed, restaurants with 2+ votes:

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