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Salt Lake City’s Redevelopment Agency Celebrates Economic Development Week 2020

It’s a historic time to be living in Salt Lake City and we all recognize that the economy is undergoing a profound transformation with COVID-19. Economic growth had been on an upward trajectory in the Capital City until the ‘great pause’ but we are optimistic that our economy will be back on track soon.  May 4th through 9th is Economic Development Week across the United States, and around the world. Let’s take that pause, learn, and appreciate the efforts that go into building our economy.

Today we’re featuring the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City (RDA).

Most are familiar with the general term “redevelopment” describing the action or process of developing something again or differently. Some may even think of redevelopment in more city-specific terms, understanding it as the rehabilitation or new construction of buildings in an urban area. But for many people, the concept of an entire government agency devoted to redevelopment might be a bit unfamiliar. Such an entity – a “redevelopment agency” – Salt Lake City’s specifically, is a type of tool that strategically focuses on a particular area of a municipality that is experiencing disinvestment or neglect. Read more here:

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