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The Department of Economic Development, in partnership with Downtown Alliance and The Utah Independent Business Coalition (UIBC), invites you to #SHOPSLC this holiday season.

Want to make the most of your holiday? Here are some ways you can support local businesses AND get all those errands done:

Support Your Community and Enjoy Where You Live: Salt Lake City is filled with local markets, holiday events, and arts programming! This year, find gifts at local retail stores, commission a local artist, or purchase tickets to a local event. When you give someone a gift from a local vendor or shop, you are giving them the gift of a thriving community.

Turn Your Shopping Trip into an Event for the Whole Family: Find an area of SLC where you can grab a bite to eat, shop at a locally owned retail store, and take in a piece of public art. This approach to the holiday season promotes a wholistic view of Economic Development: Put your own community and local businesses first in all of the buying that you do. Head to 9th and 9th or North Temple. Spend an afternoon exploring the area and discover a part of town you have never been before. Supporting local comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Discover the 360-Degree View: Did you know 55 cents of every dollar spent at a local, independent business stays right here in our local economy? That number drops to 14 cents if you shop at a big box store. More money stays in our community when you choose to #SHOPSLC!

Shopping Local Helps Stabilize the Economy: Businesses are encountering increased costs. As the economy ebbs and flows, the best thing we can do is to shop local. Shopping local also ensures a future for the next generation of Salt Lakers! Covid recovery is continuing – but businesses are thriving. A new study, featured in the Salt Lake Tribune, says visits to Utah’s capital are 155% above pre-COVID levels.

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