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Artisan, Elevated Bakes Available at Forty-Three Bakery in SLC

Forty-Three Bakery was recently approved for an Economic Development Loan Fund loan from The Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development

Salt Lake City, UT – The Salt Lake City Council recently approved a $100,000 Economic Development Loan Fund (EDLF) loan for Forty-Three Bakery, a locally-owned artisan bakery currently located at 67 W 1700 S. 

Forty-Three Bakery, which opened in 2018 as “Streusel,” specializes in elevated pastries, croissant donuts, and bagels. Through a combination of “technique, passion, complexity, playfulness, and inspiration,” Forty-Three Bakery lives at the crossroads of traditional bakery fare and contemporary intrigue.

Named Forty-Three Bakery after the average elevation of Salt Lake City (4,300 feet above sea level), Pastry Chef & Proprietor Andrew Corrao aims to create a new location for the bakery with help from Salt Lake City and the EDLF program. 

Working with the Business Development division of the Department of Economic Development, Forty-Three Bakery received a $100,000 Economic Development Loan Fund (EDLF) loan to assist with expansion from a commissary/shared kitchen to a larger, fully-fledged retail space.  Situated at 733 West Genesee Ave on the west side of the city, the new Forty-Three Bakery is part of an RDA (Redevelopment Agency) funded project, The West End, an adaptive reuse project that will bring much needed local business and activation to the Nine-Line. Forty-Three’s new location will feature extended hours and a cozy, “cafe style” atmosphere; Service will expand to include a full-service coffee bar, custom cakes, and made-to-order sandwiches. 

“Small businesses are the heart of our capital city’s economy, and supporting new and growing businesses on our City’s westside is especially important to me,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “Salt Lake City is happy to support Forty-Three Bakery and other projects like it that foster additional commerce, job creation, and business growth on the westside.”

“Striving for a people-oriented approach to economic development means really investing in businesses that provide new experiences for the community,” said Lorena Riffo Jenson, Director of Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development. “Forty-Three Bakery is providing elevated baked goods, yes, but also providing jobs and more opportunities for our residents.”

“We are excited to be assisting Forty-Three Bakery in their expansion,” said Roberta Reichgelt, Business Development Director. “Salt Lake City is able to maintain continued growth and development, thanks to programs like the EDLF, and we are thrilled to have Forty-Three Bakery as our latest recipient.” 

The EDLF’s purpose is to stimulate business development and expansion, create employment opportunities, encourage private investment, promote economic development, and enhance neighborhood vitality and commercial enterprise in Salt Lake City by making loans available to businesses. The program’s overarching goal is to invest in viable businesses that produce strong economic returns and also provide positive social and environmental impacts. Learn more here

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