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About Our Business Advisory Board Members – Part 1

Sue Rice – District 6

Can you tell us about yourself and where you work?

My name is Sue Rice. I am former small business owner and sold my company and retired 12 years ago. I now represent Celtic Bank and I am a member of their Board of Directors.

What is Celtic Bank relationship with the SLC community?

Celtic bank is a small business bank that focuses on providing SBA government loans. We’ve been around for 20 years and are based right here in Salt Lake City. We do loans in all 50 states. Celtic Bank focuses on being a good corporate and community partner for the city. We do a lot of work with the minority chambers, developing programs for them, as well as being sponsors. We’ve also done programs with the Suazo Business Center and support the Business Advisory Board. We hope to continue to build these relationships.

Why did you want to join the Business Advisory Board (BAB)?

I wanted to join the BAB because as a former small business owner, I have garnered lots of experience and lessons learned. I believe I could add value by sharing some of that knowledge with the community.

Silliveinusi Niu – District 2

Can you tell us about yourself and your business?

My name is Silliveinusi Niu. I own a small business located in Glendale. The business is Concord Electric. Electrical services is my trade and I have been at it for awhile. My business started with me and now I employ people that grew up in this community. It brings me joy and I am proud to say I am from Glendale.

What is your relationship with the SLC Community?

Being in Glendale for 30 years, I have seen many young adults grow up in our community. I also grew up in this community, got my education, and still live here today. I know the neighbors and streets well. I decided to start employing and encouraging kids to join the trade as I had done. Being an electrician has always worked well for me, so I had this idea of sharing this with the neighborhood and helping young adults develop their talent in it as well. Trade school is a good alternative to college.

Why did you want to join the BAB?

I joined the BAB to share with kids the opportunities that are available in our community. I want them to dream big and dream fearlessly. They can be whoever they want, even if they started in Glendale. 

Abudujannah Soud – District 5

Can you tell us about yourself and your business?

My name is Abudujannah Soud. I am the chef and owner of Kafe Mamai. 

What is your relationship with the SLC community?

After taking about two weeks to read about what Economic Development does, I was like okay I need to be part of this. This would be a good way to help the community and help other small businesses to access tools they didn’t know existed. Ever since I joined, I have been happy and proud to be part of the Business Advisory Board that helps the community. 

Why did you want to join the BAB?

I am happy that I was able join and bring something different to Salt Lake. The response has been amazing. Being on the BAB and seeing how many people reach out makes me feel part of the community and accepted in every possible way. I couldn’t ask for more. 

Scott Lyttle – District 7

Can you tell us about yourself and your business?

My name is Scott Lyttle. I own Tea Zaanti. We’re Salt Lake City’s only tea and wine cafe in Sugarhouse. Our primary focus is “communi-tea.” Get it. Our main goal is bringing people together and having kind of an open space where people can grab a cup of tea, grab a glass of wine, and have a conversation with a friend. 

What is your relationship with the SLC community?

I spent 15-16 years in non-profit and that’s kind of where I learned about community building. That was our primary goal when opening a shop was providing that sort of space. 

Why did you want to join the BAB?

I sit on the Sugarhouse Chamber and join in on council meetings. I’ve always been involved with the community in different aspects and this seemed like a logical next step for me to get more involved.

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