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Prepare for Wildland Fire in Salt Lake City. Homes and businesses in the North, East, and West sides of Salt Lake City are vulnerable to wildland fire. Salt Lake City has experienced several wildland fire events in recent years. These destructive fires pose unique hazards to our community. Learn how you can prepare your home or business to withstand these events.

Fire behind the Utah State Capital
Grass fire ignites vehicles, trailers, tires, and propane takes at Salt Lake City car lot
Be Ready Utah PrepCast Episode 8: Wildfire

There are many steps community members can take to prepare for wildland fire. The following resources will help you protect your home and/or business, and develop emergency plans in the event a wildland fire occurs in your area.

SLC Fire is here to help! Contact us to schedule a Wildland Fire assessment of your home or business or to ask for additional resources.

SLC Citizen Wildfire Mitigation Permit Program | Public Lands Department