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Salt Lake City Fire Department First in Utah to Receive ISO, Class 1 Designation

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SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake City Fire Department (SLCFD) announced today that it is the first fire department in the State of Utah to receive a Public Protection Classification of 1 from the Insurance Services Office (ISO).

A Class 1 rating is the highest safety- and risk-evaluation rating possible, and it is a meaningful upgrade from SLCFD’s previous “Class 2” designation. SLCFD is the first department in Utah to receive a Class 1 designation, and is one of only 270 departments nationwide to earn such a rating.

“This is exciting news for our department and our city,” said Salt Lake City Fire Chief Karl Lieb. “An objective rating, with national recognition such as this, validates the work we do as an emergency service organization.”

ISO is an insurance advisory organization that collects data and then provides statistics and recommendations regarding an organization’s risks. The group evaluates efforts such as public fire protection, flood risk, and fire code adoption and enforcement.

ISO ratings about municipal services help communities manage and mitigate risk, plan for improvements, and make budget decisions, and they are used by insurance companies in assessing insurance rates.

“Salt Lake City Fire Department’s Class 1 Public Protection designation is reflective of our department’s commitment to serve residents proactively and professionally,” Lieb added.

“For some time, we have demonstrated our ability to build on the high standards of service. We are recognized regionally for our progression, and it is a tremendous achievement to now be recognized nationally for our successes.”

A Class 1 rating (the highest) indicates that “superior property fire protection” has been proven, and a Class 10 rating (the lowest) indicates that the minimum criteria set by the ISO has not been met.

In the rating process three major categories are evaluated:

1. Emergency Communications: Fire alarm and communication systems, including telephone systems, telephone lines, staffing and dispatching systems.

2. The Fire Department: Staff, equipment, training and geography.

3. Water Supply: The condition and maintenance of hydrants and the amount of available water compared with the amount need to suppress fires.

Salt Lake City Fire Department expects to receive a formal presentation of its new designation by the Insurance Service Office in mid-December.

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