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Temporary Shelter Community

Salt Lake City, in partnership with the State Office of Homeless Services, is piloting a Temporary Shelter Community (TSC) in downtown Salt Lake City this winter.

The TSC, which will be located on a parcel of land owned by the City’s Redevelopment Agency at 300 South and 600 West, will be a small-scale, non-congregate shelter community. This phase of the Temporary Shelter Community will run for six months, from approximately November through April 30th.

This pilot will fold into Phase 2 – a more permanent non-congregate shelter program managed by the State Office of Homeless Services in 2024 at a yet to be announced location.

FAQ Icon Frequently Asked Questions 

Who will live at the Temporary Shelter community? What is the occupancy?

Residents will be identified through the pre-existing coordinated intake program that facilitates entry into other housing and shelter options in Salt Lake County. The maximum occupancy at the TSC will be 50.

When does the TSC open and how long will it be in operation?

Our goal is to have this temporary site open for residents when other winter overflow options are also opening. We anticipate it will close in April as we move into the state’s second phase of the model next spring.

How many beds are actually available to people experiencing homelessness?

This Temporary Shelter Community is in addition to 600+ beds that will open for the winter at other locations across Salt Lake County, including the medically vulnerable populations (MVP) facility and other resource centers and overflow locations.

What’s the plan to ensure safety in the area?

Safety is an important part of this pilot. We’re currently working with the Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD), outreach providers, public cleaning teams, Downtown Ambassadors, and the SLC Park Rangers to develop a safety and security plan that will ensure public safety and the safety of residents of the shelter both in and around this immediate neighborhood.

Those efforts are beginning even before the shelter opens and will continue through its duration. The focus will be on dissuading camping in the area, addressing problematic behaviors of people hanging out, and getting supportive services for them as appropriate. We’re improving the current issues already identified by the neighbors.

SLCPD has seen great success in reducing crime around the Gail Miller Homeless Resource Center since a dedicated squad was put in place in the Summer of 2023. There will be increased patrols in this area during the pilot. We will be diligent in keeping the area, residents, and visitors safe.

Volunteer iconHow can I help? 

The number one thing we can all do to help is to show compassion for our unsheltered residents as we continue to work toward better solutions, including permanent affordable housing. In the coming weeks and months there will be efforts to organize volunteers who would like to support the Temporary Shelter Community. If you would like to receive notification about volunteer opportunities, please sign up here.

Questions, comments, or to report issues

 For any needs please email the city at the link below. Our team will make every effort to return calls and emails within one business day.

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