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Residential Permit Parking Program

Map of current parking permit areas

Area 2: Federal Area
Area 3: Northwest Avenues Neighborhood Area
Area 4: University Neighborhood Area
Area 5: Southwest Avenues/City Creek/Capitol Hill/Pierpont Area
Area 6: Rowland-Judge Area
Area 7: Community College/Franklin Field Area
Area 8: Capitol Hill Seasonal Area
Area 9: University East Neighborhood Area
Area 10: Westminster College Area

Renew Your Existing Permit

You can renew online at the Citizen Portal, or visit us in person: 349 South 200 East, Suite 150.

What is City Permit Parking (CPP)?

Certain areas within the city, like hospitals, universities, etc. attract non-residents to seek parking in/near residential areas. This can sometimes place undue hardship on area residents and property owners by contributing to excess noise, air pollution, litter, traffic hazards, congestion and severe shortage of available on-street parking spaces. By preventing all day, (non-resident) vehicle parking in a qualifying area, it can address these problems.


  1. Reduce potentially hazardous traffic conditions and congestion resulting from long-term parking of commuter motor vehicles in the designated area.
  2. Protect the area from polluted air, excessive noise and refuse caused by entry and exit of commuter vehicles.
  3. Protect the residents of the area from unreasonable burdens in obtaining parking near their residences and in gaining access to their residences and/or property.
  4. Preserve the safety of children, pedestrians and in general promote traffic safety, good order and alleviate hardships caused by parking congestion often resulting in strained interpersonal relationships.

How City Permit Parking Works

A city permit parking area is designated by official city signs posted curbside at set intervals. One sign indicates the type of parking restriction/prohibition and the other sign (placed on the same installation) indicates the city permit parking area.

 There are two types of parking restrictions/prohibitions possible for a residential permit parking area:
  •  Time limit restriction with effective hours and effective days specified, such as two-hour parking, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
  • No parking prohibition with effective hours and effective days specified, such as No Parking, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., except Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Types of Residential Parking Permits

  • REGULAR vehicle parking permits are intended to be displayed permanently on motor vehicles owned/controlled by residents, non-resident property owners or employed non-residents (if authorized) within the permit parking area.
  • GUEST vehicle parking permits are intended to be temporarily displayed in vehicles operated by persons visiting or doing business with residents within the permit parking area on a short term basis.
  • VISITOR vehicle parking permits are intended to be temporarily displayed in vehicles operated by persons visiting area residents or servicing area residences on a long term basis.

City Permit Parking Program Fees

Regular vehicle parking permits:  Fees vary – Please call the Transportation Office (801-535-6630) prior to mailing a check or money order in. The permits are prorated depending on when your area begins. There is no fee for guest/visitor passes; however, at least one Regular vehicle parking permit must be purchased to obtain these passes.

How to Apply

You can apply online at Citizen Portal, or you can also come to our office to apply for a permit.  The Transportation Division permits office is located at 349 South 200 East, Suite 150.

Instructions for residents

Instructions for businesses

Instructions for non-resident property owners



Call the Transportation Division at 801-535-6630.