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Workday FAQs

These are the common questions received about the Workday ERP project. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please email

Finance, Payroll, and Timekeeping

When will I start using Workday for time tracking?

The pay period beginning March 12, 2023. Police (Sworn Officers, 500 & 800 Series) and Fire (Firefighters 400 & 900 Series) will continue using Telestaff for time and projects tracking. All AFSCME and Comp Plan employees will be using Workday for time and projects tracking.

Why is Kronos being phased out?

Kronos is part of the City’s complex web of software systems and manual processes that currently work together to process payroll. To ensure that every employee continues to get paid correctly and on time, we must upgrade to one unified, modern system that houses all financial and human resource information.

Can I use the Workday app to input my time?

Yes! Through a secure single sign-on inputting your time will take seconds!

Will Workday stationary devices or kiosks be available if I don’t want to use my phone?

Yes. Instead of a stationary timeclock, employees will use a computer or touchscreen tablet/iPad to clock in and out. The Project Team is still considering all options but will ensure the process is quick and easy and that there will be enough devices to avoid any delays.

I am hesitant to use apps because I am concerned about tracking. Can the Workday App track me?

No. Workday never “tracks” an employee when using the app. It purposely does not have tracking capability. The only time the Workday app utilizes a geofence tool is when hitting the clock in/out button. The app sends the geo location data (which is never stored by Workday) to check and see if that location is within the valid clock in/out boundary. If yes, the clock-in works. If not, the worker receives a message that they must get closer to their clock-in location. The log will only show the date and time of the clock-in, and that the mobile app was used to perform that function. Employees will have the option of using a Workday kiosk if they don’t want to use a personal cell phone.

If I download the Workday app on a personal electronic device, is my device subject to GRAMA?

Yes, if employees use personal electronic devices for any City business that device may be subject to GRAMA. However, access to the whole device may be limited. Workday is a cloud-based software, therefore the City can pull information from the cloud and would not need access to the mobile device. Employees will have the option of using a Workday kiosk if they don’t want to use a personal cell phone.

I do financial work as part of my job. When will I start using Workday instead of OneSolution, Cognos, etc.?

The finance, payroll, and timekeeping functions of Workday will not be live until March 2023. You will receive training on all new financial processes in early 2023.

Will we have new cost centers?

Yes, along with implementing the new Workday financial software we have improved the Chart of Accounts to meet financial best practices and better track costs. We have gone from over 2,800 cost centers in OneSolution to 300+ in Workday. With that reduction in cost centers a new numbering system is in place. 

We eliminated 2,500 cost centers by separating cost centers from funds, programs, grant sources, locations, and other identifiers. The new Workday software allows us to use a combination of these worktags to track costs and in turn better report costs. Programs that stretch across several departments can be reported all at once because they share a single program number. Same for multiple cost centers tied to the same grant or location.

Have no fear! Each department’s finance lead has been part of the development process of this numbering system. As we move closer to the system going live (end of 2022), those who reconcile expenses and revenues will be learn the new numbering and worktag system.

Managing Your Workday Profile

If I download the Workday app on a personally owned electronic device is my device subject to GRAMA?

Yes, if employees use their personally owned electronic device for any City business that device may be subject to GRAMA. However, access to the whole device maybe limited. For example, if a GRAMA requester were to ask for an employee’s work emails, and if the employee sent City-related emails on his/her personal phone, the City wouldn’t have to give the requester access to the entire phone because all of those emails are also kept by IMS on a server, and that is the source of the emails the City would turn to.

Workday is a cloud-based software, therefore the City does have the ability to pull information from the cloud, therefore the mobile device or all the information on it may not be subject to GRAMA.

Are there any requirements for employee’s Workday Profile Pictures?

Employees should follow their Department’s standards and policies regarding profile pictures. All profile pictures should be appropriate and professional. Managers will be responsible for approving all photos that are uploaded, and HR reserves the right to remove any picture that is inappropriate. Employees and/or departments will be responsible for uploading their own profile pictures as there is no integration or auto upload of pictures in Workday.

What information can other employees view on my Workday Profile?

Salt Lake City employees will be able to view your work contact information (phone and email), preferred name, and your organizational chart. Personal information, such as your home address, emergency contacts and compensation, is private. Only your manager(s) and HR has access to your personal information.

What changes to my profile/personal information in Workday will require a manager's verification?

Employees can update personal information on their own, however certain changes require manager verification such as:

  • Profile Picture
  • Legal Name Change (may also require additional HR paperwork).
  • Business/Working Title Change

What is the process for updating a legal name change in Workday?

Go to your profile, select “Personal”

  • Select the “Names”, under “Legal Name” select “Edit”. 
  • Update you name. 
  • Attach supporting legal documentation of your name change.
  • Enter “Description”
  • Select category “Personal Information”
  • Select “Submit”. 
  • HR will review the documentation, approve, or request more information as needed.

How do I manage Workday notifications?

Click on your Profile picture and select My Account > Change Preferences. Scroll to the bottom and set notification preferences for Email, Mobile Push Notifications and Pop-up notification. It is recommended that your set your notifications to either Immediately or Daily.

Will Workday send notifications to supervisors if an employee applies to another job within the city?

No, supervisors won’t be notified if an employee applies for an internal position.

Manager Access in Workday

My Department’s Org Chart in Workday isn’t accurate, how do I make changes to it?

Departments can make changes to their org charts via the Transfer, Promote, or Change Job task in Workday. Departments and their managers/management chain have the responsibility to ensure org charts are kept up to date.

For a refresh on how to update an org chart checkout the Employee Job Change job aid under the Manager Self Service user resources. Please note only managers are able to update a department’s org chart. If the Employee Job Change doesn’t correct your org chart, please reach out to your HR Business Partner for support.

Note: Some departments will have fewer updates while others will have more depending on how accurately OneSolution’s records reflect a department’s current reporting relationships.

As a manager, I am receiving notifications every time an employee updates their Workday Profile. How do I manage notifications?

Click on your Profile picture and select My Account > Change Preferences. Scroll to the bottom and set notification preferences for Email, Mobile Push Notifications and Pop-up notification. It is recommended that your set your notifications to either Immediately or Daily.    

Due to Go-Live, every employee is heading into Workday to verify that their personal information is up to date creating more notifications for managers. The notifications will occur less frequently after go-live and once employees have updated their profiles. Therefore, during go-live you can set your notifications as Daily, but it is recommended that managers don’t mute notifications – especially when you have new hires and other business processes notifications.

Our workgroup utilizes varying schedules, shifts, or are co-managed by a management team, and employees report to multiple managers. How will this be set up in Workday?

This approach to managing reporting structure is not configured in Workday. The management hierarchy in Workday is designed for a standard reporting relationship from employee to one manager. It is important to identify who the “primary” manager is for those types of action items and have the employee report to that manager within Workday. We suggest setting up your teams in Workday in this manner and fine tuning from there as needed. Your HR Business Partner may be able to provide additional guidance as well.

Will Workday alert managers when someone reaches a milestone for 10 years, 20 years, etc.? And is the gift card recognition a part of this program?

Managers can view reports that capture this information. Gift card recognition is not included in Workday.

If you delegate an action do you still have access to continue a process or do you no longer have control?

Both the delegate and the original recipient can view and take actions.

Can you delegate actions to anyone on your team or outside your team?

Yes, you can delegate to anyone with a city Workday account. However, it is strongly recommended that you delegate to someone with complete understanding of your department’s structure and policies.  All delegations must be approved by delegees manager. Delegation should be a temporary assignment.  Workday allows you to Delegate your Workday inbox or specific tasks from your inbox, along with the ability to initiate actions for business processes. Delegation should only be used when you will be unavailable to complete time-sensitive tasks.

When you delegate actions, will the delegate be able to see all compensation info for people on their team?

No, security does not allow them to see anything out of the ordinary unless it is part of the business process that has been delegated to them.  If they are approving salary changes through delegation then yes, they will be able to see that person’s compensation as part of the delegation.

Will I see an option for My Delegations if I am not a manager?

Yes, any employee will be able to Delegate.

General Information

What is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manages all of the business activities and resources of an organization: people, assets, and money. The City has selected Workday as our new ERP. The ultimate goal of implementing Workday is to collapse most of the City’s existing financial and human resources systems and replace them with one single platform. This will result in common data structures and business processes, more efficient reporting, and better transparency.

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system that will become Salt Lake City’s primary tool for managing financial, human resources, and payroll data. All City staff will benefit from Workday’s user friendliness, modern look, seamless workflows, comprehensive security protection, and its convenient mobile app.

What is the purpose of the Workday project?

The City needs to modernize its financial and human resource systems to enhance services to residents, City departments, and employees. The new Workday ERP system will improve financial transparency and organize our human resource services. Our new system will also us to follow best practices with our policies and processes.

Why now?

The City’s current software systems that support our human resources and financial business functions are outdated and are not integrated with one another. This means that the data from one system does not automatically update in another system, requiring a lot of manual processes with room for human error. We must implement Workday now because our systems are becoming too outdated to reliably meet our needs for key functions like payroll and timekeeping.

How will Workday impact me?

Workday will not eliminate anyone’s position; rather, employees will learn new processes to do things such as requesting vacation leave or tracking time. Certain employees, specifically in the HR and Finance Departments, will learn many new processes to fulfill their job responsibilities.

The perks of Workday extend to all City employees, though, because everyone will have an easier way to update last names, addresses, and see one’s career profile. Do you remember what your job description said when you applied 3 or 10 years ago? Now all that info will live in one place: Workday.

The Human Resources functions of Workday will be available for all City employees to use in July 2022. This means you will be able to update your last name, home address, and see your career profile this July!

The finance, payroll, and timekeeping functions of Workday will not be live until March 2023.

What software systems will Workday replace?

Workday will primarily replace OneSolution. Other existing software systems that will be replaced are: Airport Budgeting Program, Airventory, Airport Revenue Management, Cornerstone, iCIMS, 200 Edits, Kronos WFC, Payroll Administration, Bank Access, Cashiering System, Investment Management, TM1/Limelight, CAMP, EDS, POPS, Wire Transfer, Cognos, and Checksuite.

It is likely that Workday will not replace Accela, Active Directory, Cartegraph, Laserfiche, Salesforce, Servicenow, or PUBS. It will also likely not affect secondary interfaces like Telestaff, PEHP, Corestream and URS.

Will Workday replace Salesforce?

No, Workday will not replace Salesforce. The City needs both systems to serve different external and internal needs. Salesforce will continue to be the main source to manage constituent service questions and complaints and send mass market emails. Salesforce will continue to be the software behind public-facing online forms.

Workday will be the main source for internal needs related to human resources and finance, like time keeping, checking vacation balances, and submitting expense reimbursements.

Citywide Training

When will I receive training for timekeeping in Workday?

The financial part of Workday, which includes payroll and timekeeping, will not be live until March 2023. Training for financial functions will occur in early 2023. Your Department will notify you on a specific date. If you’re on vacation or out of the office during that time, your Department Training Coordinator will work with you to schedule another training session.

Contact Information

Where can I learn more about Workday?

Glad you asked! Please peruse this site ( to do some research on your own or ask questions and see an in-person demo at the upcoming IMS Tech Fest on Wednesday, May 18th from 11AM – 2PM at the SLC Main Public Library, Lower Urban Room.

Who should I contact for questions about the project?

Please email with any questions or concerns.

Who should I contact for questions about Workday training?

Please email with any questions or concerns.

I have concerns about the current Workday implementation, how do I let the implementation team know?

It’s important that the implementation team knows about potential issues before they happen. A RAIDQ log has been created to track questions or concerns:

You’re also welcome to email with questions or concerns.

Who should I contact for questions about new HR processes or HR-related functions in Workday?

Please reach out to your department’s HR Business Partner. You can find a list of all business partners on HR’s website at