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Mayor Biskupski seeks public input on inland port ordinance

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski is asking residents to provide feedback online or in person on the proposed zoning ordinance for the inland port. The public can take part in a new online survey or offer input at the Planning Commission hearing on Wednesday, September 12.

“We want to hear from residents about their concerns and hopes for the inland port,” said Mayor Biskupski. “Those who live in Salt Lake City deserve a strong voice about the inland port because it will have an impact for generations to come.”

The Utah Legislature bill creating a Utah Inland Port Authority requires the City to update its zoning ordinance to allow inland port uses by December 31, 2018. The Planning Division’s proposed zoning changes aim to maintain as much local control as possible, promote economic development, foster energy conservation, preserve property rights and protect air, water, sensitive lands and wildlife.

The Planning Division held three open houses, gathered information from stakeholders and City departments and is now hosting a second online survey. The new survey asks for feedback about the following proposed changes for inland port zoning:

  • Do you agree the City’s proposed boundary changes for light manufacturing zones address state requirements for the inland port?
  • Do you agree with the City’s proposed regulations prohibiting heavy manufacturing involving mining materials, hazardous waste, explosives, oils and chemicals?
  • Do you agree the inland port should have an impact mitigation plan to protect air quality, sensitive natural lands, transportation and infrastructure?
  • State law requires the City to allow loading and temporary storage of natural resources at the inland port. Do you agree with the City’s proposed requirements keeping the material enclosed, 1,000 feet from residential areas, forbidding storage for more than 30 days and other efforts to address the potential impacts related to natural resources?

Additional information about the inland port, the survey and proposed ordinance can be found at The public can also attend the Planning Commission public hearing on Wednesday, September 12, 5;30 p.m. at the Salt Lake City and County Building, 451 S. State Street, Room 326, Salt Lake City.

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