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Poplar Grove Neighborhood Byway Project to upgrade streets, increase safety for recreational use

SALT LAKE CITY — Two Poplar Grove streets are set for upgrades that will expand the opportunities for walkers, bikers and others to safely recreate and travel.

The Poplar Grove Neighborhood Byways project will transform both Emery Street (1170 West) and Cheyenne Street (1500 West) into permanent byways – streets that have traffic calming features that increase safety.

Those can include slower speeds, high-visibility crosswalks, flashing beacons that alert drivers to crosswalk users and curb extensions that shorten crossing distances.

Improvements on both Emery Street and Cheyenne Street will be made on the blocks between the 9-Line Trail and 400 South. Intersection improvements will also be made where both Emery and Cheyenne connect with Indiana Avenue.

“After extensive input from the community and thoughtful effort from our technical experts, this project has really come together nicely,” said Jon Larsen, director of the Transportation Division. “The City is taking a big step forward in upgrading our streets to create a network where people of all ages and abilities can walk and bike to where they need to go.”

The $600,000 Neighborhood Byways project is part of the larger Salt Lake City Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan and is paid for through a combination of City funding and a federal Community Development Block Grant.

In accordance with the Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan, the Transportation Division is exploring opportunities to create more Neighborhood Byways citywide.

Emery Street’s Stay Safe, Stay Active road signage and barricades were removed by Salt Lake City on Friday, Aug. 14th ahead of the start of construction on the Poplar Grove Neighborhood Byway, which begins within the next few weeks. The signage and barrier removals will speed up the construction process.

For more information about the Poplar Grove Neighborhood Byway is available on the project website:


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