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Neighborhood Byways

Salt Lake City Neighborhood Byways

What is a Neighborhood Byway?

Neighborhood Byways create pleasant and convenient routes for people using active modes of transportation by encouraging safe travel speeds, discouraging cut-through vehicle traffic, providing safe crossings of busy streets, and connecting people to destinations.

Few changes are needed on the quiet streets themselves; the network is realized by providing for safe, often signalized crossings at the major barrier streets, and reducing traffic volumes to make walking safer and more enjoyable. “Neighborhood byways” is a term recognizing that these corridors create a network for both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Street characteristics that make an ideal neighborhood byway:

  • Low traffic volumes

  • Low speeds – narrow streets and other characteristics that make driving fast in a vehicle feel uncomfortable

  • Direct connections between neighborhood destinations

  • Greening along the route – for example, street trees that provide shade

Improvements that make a street a neighborhood byway include bicycle and pedestrian crossing improvements (signals, crosswalks, curb extensions aka bulb-outs, curb ramps, signage, street markings, and other traffic calming techniques), way-finding signage, and connectivity enhancements to existing bicycle and pedestrian routes.

Neighborhood Byway Projects

Kensington Avenue

Westpointe and Jordan Meadows

Westminster Ave to Sunnyside Ave

Poplar Grove

Rose Park & Fairpark

800 East

800 West

600 East

Full Salt Lake City Neighborhood Byways Map

Examples From the Existing 600 East Neighborhood Byway

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