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Mayor Mendenhall’s 2021-22 Budget Passes, Making Way For Significant Investments in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall’s newly-adopted Fiscal Year 2021-22 City Budget puts the capital city further ahead on its journey toward greater equity and sustainability. The City Council passed the Mayor’s budget Tuesday evening.

“I’m so pleased with this year’s budget process and appreciate the City Council’s careful consideration. Great care went into drafting this budget, which will help more people afford housing, support the well-being of City employees, and will make residents safer,” said Mayor Mendenhall. “And that’s on top of providing the essential services upon which our residents and businesses rely.” 

This year’s budget process featured robust public comment and involvement. Highlights of the budget adopted by the City Council on Tuesday night include: 

  • Implementing recommendations of the Commission on Racial Equity in Policing, including positions for 12 additional social workers to ensure the City has a mental-health professional on duty almost round-the-clock to respond to 911 calls where they might be able to do more good than a police officer alone;
  • $11 million for affordable housing through a variety of projects and programs; 
  • Funding for the creation of a first-ever Renewable Energy and Climate Equity Plan, and other steps to improve our air quality;
  • Making permanent the City’s Community Commitment Program, which helps the City’s unsheltered residents access resources;
  • The creation of the Department of Public Lands. 

The year’s budget process also included planning for some of the American Rescue Plan dollars that will come to the City this year. The City has been waiting on federal guidance to make sure the City’s plans meet Treasury requirements. More information to come soon. 

“While this budget won’t get us all the way to our goals, we face a truly unprecedented opportunity, one born of historic challenges, to make a once-in-a-generation investment in our City and its people,” said Mayor Mendenhall. 

For a detailed look at the adopted budget, visit:


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