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Salt Lake City joins World Union of Olympic Cities

March 23, 2023

Salt Lake City is the newest member of the World Union of Olympic Cities (WUOC), an international organization based out of Lausanne, Switzerland. The WUOC’s mission is to ensure continued positive impact of the Games by creating a dialogue between former and future Olympic hosts.

“Salt Lake City has a strong Olympic legacy, and 20 years later we continue to keep aflame the Olympic values of friendship, excellence, and respect,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “Our reputation for being a welcoming and hospitable destination, along with our love for the outdoors and winter sports, makes us the ideal member of the World Union of Olympic Cities. We look forward to both sharing our knowledge and learning best practices for ensuring that any future Salt Lake Olympic games are sustainable and serve our residents as much as they serve the international sports community.”

Membership gives direct connections to more than 45 other Olympic cities around the globe, along with the International Olympic Committee.

“The 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics inspired a generation of residents to strive for greatness and to celebrate the best in ourselves and each other,” said Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games President and CEO Fraser Bullock. “Salt Lake City has continued to invest in sport and recreation, with the development of new facilities and programs that promote healthy living and athletic excellence. Salt Lake City is a real partner and will benefit from its engagement with the World Union of Olympic Cities as we look forward to welcoming the world again for the 2030 or 2034 Games.”

More information about the World Union of Olympic Cities can be found here. The letter of acceptance is attached to this email. 

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