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Racial Equity in Policing Commission: Members & Duties

Current Members

Commissioner Tanya Hawkins, Chair

Commissioner Lisia Satini, Vice Chair

Commissioner Steven Calbert

Commissioner Katherine Durante

Commissioner Ulvia Guadarrama

Commissioner Olivia Joylani Kavapalu

Commissioner Julia Summerfield

Commissioner Jason Wessel

Commissioner Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias

Commissioner Jason Hinojosa

Commissioner Diya Oommen

Commissioner Chloe Raymundo

Commissioner Heather Stringfellow

Commissioner DeTria Taylor

Commissioner Alex Vandiver

Eligibility for Membership

Each member of the commission shall be at least sixteen (16) years of age. Members need not be residents of the City but shall maintain strong ties to Salt Lake City and have the potential to be affected by the work of the Salt Lake City Police Department

If you are interested in serving on this commission, please fill out and submit an application online.

Powers & Duties

The Commission shall:

Examine Salt Lake City Police Department’s policies, culture, and budget and make recommendations to the Mayor and Council on ways to further the goals of the commission.

Engage and interact with the public to receive community input related to Salt Lake City Police Department’s policies, culture, and budget.

Evaluate and study national best-practice policies for policing..

Make recommendations to the Mayor and Council on a racial equity plan for the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Explore means and make recommendations on how the Salt Lake City Police Department may increase diversity within its workforce.

In addition to the powers and duties specified in this Section, the Commission may:

Make recommendations to the mayor and the council on methods of engaging with community advocate groups and other community members on police practices or other public safety matters.

Review recommendations issued by the human rights commission and issue a statement of support or opposition to recommendations of the human rights committee which are relevant to the goals of the racial equity in policing commission. Positions of support or opposition issued pursuant to this subpart need not be reviewed by the human rights commission.

Review the current structure of the Civilian Review Board, evaluate national models, and may make recommendations to the Mayor and the Council on how to increase the effectiveness of the Civilian Review Board.

Before finalizing recommendations for the Mayor and the Council, the commission shall share the recommendation with the human rights commission, who may review the recommendation and issue a position of support or opposition to the commission’s recommendation.

Recommendations to the mayor and council shall be in writing and presented at a council meeting.


A member may receive reasonable compensation for their service as a commission member pursuant to applicable Salt Lake City policies. 

Questions should be directed to

Michelle Mooney, Equity Manager
Office of the Mayor
451 South State Street, Room 345
Salt Lake City, UT 844114-5474
Phone: 385-707-6514
TTY: 711
Fax: 801-535-6331