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Racial Equity In Policing Commission

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Phase One Report

Phase One Response


The Commission on Racial Equity in Policing was formed to examine SLCPD’s policies, culture, and budget and any City policies that influence SLCPD’s culture or policies. The Commission is composed of individuals who represent a broad and diverse range of communities of color, expertise, and viewpoints in Salt Lake City. The Commission’s former core committee members were selected by the Mayor and City Council to lead in the structure of the Commission, invite others to participate (supported by the selected facilitator) and to create the space for productive and inclusive discourse with the broad group of Commissioners and the diversity of opinions therein.

Today, as Phase 2 goes underway, the Commission is made up of a diverse 15-member group who have strong ties to Salt Lake City and is led by a Chair and Vice Chair. The Commission has formed three subcommittees on police training, policies and practices, and school safety. These subcommittees will create recommendations, informed by community input, that will be delivered to the Mayor and City Council for further action. Mayor’s Office staff will assist this Commission in its work, coordinate with City staff on commission-requested research and information, help produce a final work product, and advise the City communications team on how to convey information in a transparent and accountable way to the public throughout the process. More information is available about the Commission by calling (801) 535-7644, or emailing

Moana Uluave-Hafoka, Equity Manager

For media inquiries, please email or call 801-535-7644. 

If you are interested in serving on this commission, please fill out and submit an application online.


#CommissionerServing SinceTerm Expires
1Commissioner Nicole Salazar-Hall, Chair2020December 2023
2Commissioner Tanya Hawkins, Vice Chair2020December 2023
3Commissioner Luna Banuri2020December 2023
4Commissioner Darlene McDonald2020December 2023
5Commissioner Verona Sagato-Mauga2020December 2023
6Commissioner France Davis2020December 2022
7Commissioner Steve Anjewierden2020December 2022
8Commissioner Samantha Eldridge2020December 2022
9Commissioner Steven Johnson2020 December 2022
10Commissioner Olosaa Solovi2020December 2023
11Commissioner Dhati Oommen2020December 2023
12Commissioner Rogelio Romero2020December 2022
13Commissioner Lisia Satini2022December 2024


In Phase 1, the Commission was led by the six core members and assisted by the selected facilitator, were asked to:

  • meet regularly
  • host community listening sessions
  • develop a Commission Compact that identifies the rules of engagement and desired outcomes
  • participate in the City Council’s zero-based budgeting work, as appropriate
  • evaluate national best-practice policies for alignment with SLCPD policies
  • recommend policy changes to SLCPD based on best practices and local needs
  • create recommendations for a police department-specific racial equity plan
  • explore ways to increase diversity (including cognitive diversity, racial diversity, and cultural diversity, and diversity of thought, culture, and approaches) in the SLCPD
  • recommend ways to more meaningfully work with the Community Advocates Group and others
  • recommend national memberships/initiatives the City should join (i.e., Not in Our Town, Campaign Zero, 8 Can’t Wait, etc.)
  • review the Civilian Review Board’s role, processes, and policies and compare with recognized best practices for civilian review and oversight
  • develop next steps for the REP Commission at the conclusion of its work

The Commission may also determine other objectives and priorities, including but not limited to:  

  • Recommending ways to more meaningfully work with the Community Advocates Group and other community members
  • Reviewing the Civilian Review Board’s role, processes, and policies and compare with recognized best practices for civilian review and oversight within the context of existing state statute
  • Identify and recommend ways to increase diversity in the police department 

The Commission was asked to provide monthly reports, either verbally or in writing, to the Mayor and City Council. It also produced a final report by July 1, 2021 that includes the following elements:  

  • Policy recommendations
  • Programmatic and budget recommendations
  • A recommendation on next steps to ensure that the work of the Commission continues. Those next steps may include, for example, a recommendation that the Commission become a recognized, permanent body under City ordinance; a recommendation that a current City entity such as the Human Rights Commission or the Police Civilian Review Board create a division to address racial equity in policing; or a different structure or mechanism entirely 

The Commission and the selected facilitator was assisted by City staff who were equipped to perform research, obtain documents, set up meetings, and provide other administrative and logistical support as needed. 

Facilitator expectations: 

The selected facilitator assisted the Commission to: 

  • Build commission membership and staff and facilitate the logistics of all meetings
  • Structure and hold a series of listening sessions with the community to provide a forum for people to share and discuss their experiences with the SLPD 
  • Draft a community charter or compact that identifies the objectives of the Commission
  • Prepare monthly verbal or written reports to the Mayor and City Council 
  • Facilitate consensus in the creation of the work product recommendations
  • Draft a final work product, with assistance from City staff
  • Advise and assist the City’s communications team on how to publicly communicate the goals, work, process, and products of the Commission to the general public throughout the process


Commissioner Ahmad
Commissioner Davis
Commissioner Salazar-Hall
Commissioner McDonald
Commissioner Prospero
Commissioner Sagato-Mauga

Following diligent work to select additional members who would best provide a varied and diverse set of voices independent of any government agency, Core Council of the Racial Equity in Policing Commission added 13 members to its body.

A facilitator helped guide the commission in its work through Phase 1, and the Commission worked with a youth subcommittee to provide feedback to the greater commission.

The Core Council had the addition of the following members to its body: 

  • Commissioner Anjewierden
  • Commissioner Banuri
  • Commissioner Eldridge
  • Commissioner Hawkins
  • Commissioner Johnson
  • Commissioner Ka’ili
  • Commissioner Shifflett
  • Commissioner Smith
  • Commissioner Solovi
  • Commissioner Suarez

To view a copy of the Salt Lake City Police, Safety Best Practices for public places, home, office and vehicle please click here.