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Maven State Rezone

Maven Rezone

The City Council recently approved a request to rezone four properties from Commercial Corridor (CC) and Single-Family Residential (R-1/5,000) to Residential Mixed-Use (R-MU). The properties are located at:

  • 1791 South State Street,  
  • 1815 South State Street,  
  • 118 East Coatsville Avenue, and  
  • 120 East Coatsville Avenue.  

Learn more about SLC’s zoning. 

The Council also voted to amend the Central Community Future Land use map from Community Commercial and Low Density Residential to High Mixed Use.

Address Current Zoning Proposed Zoning Current Future Land Use Designation Proposed Future Land Use Designation 
1791 S. State Street Commercial Corridor (CC) Residential Mixed-Use (R-MU) Community Commercial High Mixed Use 
1815 S. State Street*Commercial Corridor (CC)
and Single-Family Residential (R-1/5,000)
Residential Mixed-Use (R-MU) Community Commercial High Mixed Use 
118 E. Coatsville Ave. Single-Family Residential (R-1/5,000) Residential Mixed-Use (R-MU) Low Density Residential High Mixed Use 
120 E. Coatsville Ave. Single-Family Residential (R-1/5,000) Residential Mixed-Use (R-MU) Low Density Residential High Mixed Use 
*1815 S. State Street is a large parcel and is “split zoned,” meaning it has two zoning designations.

When the council was reviewing the rezone request, a formal proposal for redevelopment had not been submitted. However, the property owner’s stated intent is to combine the four properties to construct a mixed-use project on the site named Maven State. The project is anticipated to have approximately 150 apartment units with ground-floor commercial space. Vacant homes are located at 118 E and 120 E Coatsville Avenue and would be demolished as part of this proposal. 

Project Location

Figure 1 – Courtesy of SLC Planning 

Meeting Recaps

May 21, 2024 Council Vote 

During its formal meeting, the Council voted to adopt the Maven State rezone request with several requirements for the builder: 

  1. The Council requires the builder to set aside at least 5% of the units as affordable housing. 
  1. The builder must provide at least ½ parking space for each residential unit within the project. 
  1. The builder must provide at least one parking space per 1,000 square feet of commercial space built within the project.  

Please refer to MOTION 1 in the motion sheet below for details. The Council also adopted several other requirements that the Planning Commission recommended. A full list of those requirements is on page 3 of the Administrative Transmittal.  

Tuesday, March 19 Council Briefing  

The Council held a briefing to learn more about the rezone request. The Council will hold a public hearing at a future meeting (date to be determined). 

April 16, 2024 Public Hearing 

The Council held and closed a public hearing on the proposed Maven State rezone. The Council will consider voting at a future meeting.

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