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Newly Announced SBA Loans and Grants – Webinar Recap

On Friday afternoon we had a chance to sit in on a webinar hosted by Kiln to learn about new updates to the federal Small Business Administration programs for COVID-19 relief program.  

Salt Lake City’s emergency loan program is intended to help businesses keep their employees and stay afloat during a time of economic hardship. It is meant to bridge the gap for what may be a shortened financial hardship period until the U.S. Small Business Administration’s programs kick into gear. If you haven’t considered applying for Salt Lake City’s Emergency Loan, we strongly encourage you to review the program. Second round applications are now open, and due April 2nd at 11:59 pm.  Our staff is working around the clock to fulfill this request. Applying for Salt Lake City’s loan will NOT disqualify you for additional funds from the SBA.

While local City government doesn’t represent the SBA loan process, the timing is critical at this time to address new information that can help your business stay afloat. It’s a lot of information, and we encourage you to dive in now.

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