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Construction Mitigation Grant Program

Small Business Construction Mitigation Grant

The Small Business Construction Mitigation Grant is designed to support the surrounding businesses affected by qualified construction sites by mitigating business challenges. This grant will provide funds to small, independent business merchants, targeted toward those in the restaurant, bar and retail space that have been impacted by the identified construction areas. Independent businesses (including nonprofit organizations) eligible for the loan program must be located within the city limits of Salt Lake City* with a valid Salt Lake City business license. It is not necessary for the business owner to live in the City. Businesses must be located on the street directly under construction or within one-half block of the construction site to be eligible for the program.  Businesses must operate out of a “brick-and-mortar” business location and be defined as in-person retail, restaurant, or bar.

*At this time, construction areas covered by this grant through summer 2024 are:

  • 2100 S, 700 E to 2100 E
  • State St, 600 S – 800 S
  • 200 South, 400 W to 200 E
  • Highland Drive, 2100 S to I-80
  • 2100 South, Highland Drive to Wilson Ave
  • 1100 E, 900 South to Logan Avenue

Areas marked in blue on map:

The grant will provide up to $3,000 per business. These funds are to be used to support and reimburse costs associated with increasing awareness of businesses affected by on-going improvements or can be used to offset rent/mortgage expense due to financial hardship. The grant can be applied to, but not limited to, enhanced marketing, advertising, and incentives for loyal customers. Grants will be administered by the Department of Economic Development.

Due to the unique nature of construction projects, the Department of Economic Development will determine the eligibility on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria as a guide:

  • Small, independent businesses with less than 50 employees who have been adversely affected by construction from one of the four identified project areas.
  • The duration of the construction occurring near the business applying.
  • Proximity to construction, and severity of traffic disruption. Generally, businesses located within one-half block of construction site, or construction related street closure, or with construction directly in front of their business should apply.
  •  Businesses who rely on foot traffic in the area to serve their customers may also apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who do I contact for information on applying for a grant?

Kiara Polee, Project Coordinator, Business Development or phone (801) 535-6433

What Construction Areas are covered by this grant for 2024?

1100 East (Highland Drive); 2100 South to Logan Ave
Start Date | Current
2100 South; 700 East to 1300 East
Start Date | Current
West Temple; 400 South to North Temple
Start Date | Current
1300 East; 2100 South to 3300 South
Start Date | Current
300N; 300 W to 1000 W
Start Date | Current

How will I know if my business is eligible for the Small Business Construction Mitigation Grant?

  • If your business has been at the current location for more than 6 months
  • If your small business has 50 employees or fewer
  • If your business is located within a one-half block of any of the construction areas listed in this grant
  • If your business has been negatively impacted by street closures and construction,
  • If you are a merchant in the restaurant, bar or retail space
You will likely qualify, and you are encouraged to apply.

How much is the grant and what can it be used for?

The grant is up to $3,000 per business. It can be used for the following business expenses:
  • Enhanced marketing
  • Advertising
  • Incentives for loyal customers associated with maintaining or growing your business.
  • Rent/lease/mortgage payments

How do I apply?

Businesses will be required to:

  • Register online and apply for the Small Business Construction Mitigation Grant:  Funding Registration

*Businesses that have previously set up an account use the same email and password to log in. You do not need to create a new user account.

  • Send a copy of your current business license.
  • Include your IRS W9 form filled out and uploaded with the application
  • Please provide a copy of your Profit & Loss Statement for the month before the construction project begins in their area and the current month. 

If you are not able to access the online application or upload the required documents: 1) Print this application, follow instructions and 2) Mail it to our offices. Reach out to Kiara Polee (801) 535-6433 if you need more help.


The Construction Mitigation Program (CMP) allows Salt Lake City to help retain existing businesses as investments are made to upgrade the aging infrastructure around them.  This is an important tool for the Economic Development Department to ensure local businesses can thrive through difficult periods of street closures and disruption. 


It is necessary for Salt Lake City to undertake major infrastructure projects that contribute to the City’s overall economic development goals with long-term benefits. However, these major projects have the potential to impact nearby businesses. Any change in traffic patterns or parking availability can affect a small business. Mitigation activities are needed to measurably assist and maintain a healthy business community and viable tax base for the municipality. Thus, a City-funded program was proposed that would provide financial assistance to businesses impacted by construction to support and reimburse costs associated with increasing awareness of businesses affected by on-going improvements or can be used to offset rent/mortgage expense due to financial hardship.

The Construction Mitigation Grant is meant to be easy to apply, deployed relatively quicky, and does not require any repayments. This grant program is to be used as a tool to mitigate the burden of any major construction projects and ensure the small business community continues to thrive despite any major disruptions.

Funding Source

The City Council allocated $500,000 for this program in the FY2024 budget.