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Tax Information

Salt Lake City Fees

Business Licensing Fee Schedule
Provides a list of fees for alcohol, private clubs, business license renewal, automobiles, and other services.

Impact Fees
Impact fees are assessed to new developments to cover a proportionate share of the capital costs needed to serve the proposed development.

State and Federal Taxes

Corporate Income Tax
Domestic and foreign corporations are required to pay a 5% state income or franchise tax on income earned in Utah. The minimum tax for state banks and corporations is $100. Multi-state corporations pay taxes based on apportioned income calculated through a formulas which includes a property factor, payroll factor, and sales or gross revenue. Visit the Utah State Tax Commission for additional information. Subchapter S corporations, LLCs, LCs, LP, and partnerships are taxed at the individual taxpayer level.

Individual Income Taxes Individuals pay state income tax of 2.3% to 7.0% on income earned in or derived from operations in Utah. Credits for taxes paid in another state are limited to the effective rates as if earned in Utah. No local governments in Utah assess an income tax.

Unemployment Compensation Utah employers must pay from 0.1% to 8.1% on the first $21,400 of wages paid to each employee during the calendar year. The percent of taxable payroll depends on employment history and type of industry.

Motor Fuel Taxes The state fuel tax is 24.5 cents per gallon, and is collected on each gallon of fuel purchased. Off-highway fuel use may be exempt from tax.

Cigarette & Tobacco Tax Imposed on wholesalers, distributors, retailers, or importers of untaxed product.

Liquor Tax Thirteen percent of retail purchase price. Imposed on retail purchaser of wine and distilled liquor sold by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Local Taxes

Property Tax Rates Salt Lake City’s general property tax rate is .015288%. Property taxes are levied at the state and local level, based on assessed valuations established by elected county assessors and, in the case of certain properties, by the State Tax Commission’s Property Tax Division. Salt Lake City property owners may submit an appeal of assessments against their property to the Salt Lake County Board of Equalization, within the time period permitted by law. For further information, Click Here.

Sales and Use Tax Salt Lake City, Utah has a 7.75% sales and use tax for retail sales of tangible personal property and select services, which include, but are not limited to, admissions to places of amusement, intrastate transportation service, and hotel and motel accommodations. The restaurant tax is an additional 1%.