Salt Lake City



Sidewalk Program

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The repair or replacement of a deteriorated sidewalk, drive approach, and curb and gutter in a public way is the responsibility of the adjacent private property owner (City Ordinance 14.32.300).  Property owners may hire a contractor to accomplish the required concrete repairs, which requires a permit to work in the public way, or they may take advantage of the 50/50 concrete program.

50/50 Concrete Program

The 50/50 concrete program is a cost-sharing program that splits the actual cost of replacement between the adjacent residential property owner and the City on a 50/50 basis.  For commercial properties, the owner will pay 100% of the cost, and this cost must be paid before construction starts.

Construction estimates are provided without charge and work is scheduled on a “first come first serve” basis. To obtain an estimate, please contact Mitch Hansen at or 801-535-6934.

Concrete restoration includes the following:

  • 50/50 concrete program for deteriorated residential concrete sidewalks, drive approaches, and curb & gutter replacement
  • 100% concrete program for deteriorated commercial concrete sidewalks, drive approaches, and curb & gutter replacement
  • ADA ramps replacement
  • Waterway construction