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The Streets, Transportation and Engineering divisions provide many different services to keep our transportation system efficient, clean, and ready to use. Click an accordion below to check out each service provided by the City.

Concrete Curb & Gutter, Sidewalk, and Drive Approach Replacement

Report a sidewalk issue with mySLC. For questions or concerns about sidewalk ADA ramps or waterway construction, call the Engineering Division at 801-535-7961.

By City ordinance 14.32.300, the repair or replacement of deteriorated sidewalk, drive approach, and curb and gutter in the public way is the responsibility of the adjacent private property owner. Property owners can hire a contractor to accomplish the required concrete repairs, which requires a permit to work in the public way, or property owners can take advantage of the 50/50 concrete program.

Visit the Sidewalk Program page for more information on the 50/50 concrete program.

To obtain an estimate, please contact Kyle Biggs at or 801-535-6934.

Concrete Road Maintenance

The Streets Division strives to perform concrete maintenance on 11 lane miles of concrete roadway annually, weather permitting. Concrete road maintenance involves resealing the concrete joints and, on rare occasion, replacing concrete slabs. The joints are cleaned with high pressure air and concrete saws before they are resealed with hot polymer sealant. The purpose of joint sealant is to extend the life of the roadway by reducing the infiltration of water and foreign material into the joints which results in the loss of structural support. Further information regarding concrete road maintenance can be obtained by emailing Mitch Hansen at

Every resident and business will receive an advanced notice that explains the process approximately one week prior to the concrete roadway maintenance. One day prior to the application of the joint sealant, residents and businesses will receive a second notification explaining what actions to take. The day before the maintenance begins “No Parking” signs will be placed on the street. In the case that a vehicle is not moved, and the owner cannot be contacted, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest street and SLCPD will be contacted with the address where the vehicle was placed.

Road Paint Markings & Traffic Signs

Crews maintain and install traffic signs and roadway paint markings throughout the City for the safe movement of vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic.  The signs team manufactures, installs, inspects, maintains, and replaces all City street signs. The paint markings team uses specialized painting equipment to apply over 14,500 gallons of paint and 100,000 pounds of reflective beads annually.

Call the Streets Division at 801-535-2345 or report issues with signs or paint markings with mySLC.

Asphalt Road Maintenance

Asphalt Repair & Treatment

Asphalt maintenance crews perform repairs and surface treatments on 1,850 lane miles of City-owned roadways, including activities such as chip seal, fog seal, slurry seal, crack sealing, level patching, pothole repair, and asphalt surface milling. The type of maintenance a road will receive is determined through a collaborative effort between the Streets Division and Engineering Division.

Learn more about asphalt maintenance on our surface treatments webpage.

Call the Streets Division at 801-535-2345 or report asphalt roadway issues with mySLC.

Road Reconstruction

Pavement Management

The Pavement Management Team collects and analyzes data to determine the most cost effective maintenance strategy for the City’s roadway network. The team uses an inventory database to store condition, construction, and maintenance information on a street network of 1,850 lane miles. Road conditions are evaluated by field inspection and automated pavement surveys and the data determines the type of maintenance plan each road receives.

Pavement Reconstruction

Pavements that have exceeded their functional life are programmed for reconstruction through the City’s Capital Improvement Program. As with pavement overlays, ADA ramps are installed and drainage impeding damaged curbs are repaired on all reconstruction projects. Residents can find information about street reconstruction projects on the MyStreet homepage.

Further information regarding pavement management can be obtained by emailing David Jones at

Snow Removal

The Salt Lake City Snow Fighter crew strives to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient travel network for all modes of transportation. City crews clear snow from over 1,850 lane miles of City-owned roadways, 36 blocks of protected bike lanes (and growing), 7.8 miles of sidewalks located near freeway viaducts, and many other locations. The team consists of 45 large plow trucks and 90 Streets Division employees who work on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to resolve snow and ice events within 36 hours after the end of a storm.

Visit our snow removal page for more information.

Call the Streets Division at 801-535-2345 or report snow removal issues with mySLC.

After Hours Streets Response Team

Report Urgent Streets Issues After-Hours

Normal Streets Division service hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

The Streets Response Team responds to after-hours calls for Public Services as well as trouble or emergency calls throughout the City.

The following situations may be considered urgent and require attention after service hours:

  • Damaged or downed regulatory signage
  • Snow and ice complaints after a storm
  • Roadway and sidewalk hazards
  • Traffic signal problems
  • Safety related items in the public right of way

To report any of the above issues after regular service hours, please call the Streets Division at 801-535-2345.

Street Sweeping

The City street sweeping program keeps dirt, leaves, and pollutants from reaching the storm drainage system. Sweeping also provides a clean, well presented City. This program responds to routine, emergency, and special request sweeping.

The Salt Lake City Street Sweeping Team strives to complete the following goals:

  • Sweep an average of 29,800 curb miles annually
  • Average 9 citywide passes annually
  • Support special events and parades

Call the Streets Division at 801-535-2345 or report sweeping issues with mySLC.

Traffic Signals

The traffic signals group maintains, repairs, and programs all of the signals, crosswalks, and electronic traffic control devices in Salt Lake City not including State owned roads. This group is also involved with the design, review, and inspection of new signal projects.

Find more information about signal timing on our signals page.

Call the Streets Division at 801-535-2345 or report traffic signal issues with mySLC.

Close up view of a pedestrian countdown signal head. Signal technician using a scissor lift to complete a periodic maintenance inspection on a traffic signal. Close up view of a three head traffic signal.

Water, Sewer, and Stormwater

Report a water, sewer, stormwater, or utility cover emergency to Salt Lake City Public Utilities 24-hour dispatch line at 801-483-6700.

Find additional contact information on the Public Utilities webpage.

Storm drain covered in fall leaves.