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Street & Intersection Typologies Design Guide

Thank you to everyone that took the Street Typologies survey! The results will be published soon.

What is it?

The Guide will create new definitions and designs for 15 different kinds (or typologies) of streets in the City. Each typology will consider place type and land use context; functions of the public right-of-way; and desired outcomes, such as economic development and quality of life. It will ultimately become the implementation component of the soon-to-be-updated Transportation Master Plan. Both will ensure that Salt Lake City’s streets are successful, safe, and thriving places for people.

Why are new typologies important?

“Streets comprise more than 80% of public spaces in cities, but they often fail to provide their surrounding communities with a space where people can safely walk, bicycle, drive, take transit, and socialize.” – National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Urban Street Design Guide, 2013.

The Typologies Guide is a unique opportunity to reimagine our streets and ensure that they work better for everyone – by design. The voter-approved $87M Streets Reconstruction Bond and Salt Lake City’s sales tax increase (Funding Our Future initiatives from 2018) provide unique opportunities to collect additional and more specific input, and immediately apply the recommendations from the Typologies Guide.

How can I provide my input?

What if you could redraw your neighborhood’s streets? Would you change them or keep them the same? The Typologies Guide is that unique opportunity.

In late 2019, more than 1,200 interested participants took a survey that asked the value-based questions about which street functions were most important, depending on where a trip begins or ends, what activity one is doing, and what type of transportation one is using.

Results from this survey will be posted soon.

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