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900 West California Ave

900 West California Avenue

Intersection Improvements

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Project Overview

900 West California Avenue Intersection

900 West and California Avenue is the intersection of two major neighborhood streets that run through the Glendale neighborhood. The area surrounding this intersection is primarily residential, and there are parks, schools, and community centers nearby that draws frequent bicycle and pedestrian activity.

900 West provides access to several parks to the north and Riley Elementary to the south. California Avenue is a connection to the Sorenson Unity and Community Centers, Glendale Middle School, and the Glendale Branch City Library. This intersection also serves as a link to I-15 and to the east side of the City, which attracts significant vehicle traffic.

Due to the nature of this intersection – one that routinely experiences families walking and bicycling , and vehicle through traffic – community members have expressed a desire to make safety improvements. These improvements are supported by a citywide effort to make street livability enhancements.

When completed, the goal of this project is to make safety improvements for all users through improved design features; particularly for children going to the area schools and community centers. Once completed, residents will enjoy a more comfortable travel experience at this intersection.

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South Street View
North-East Street View

As a result of a community engagement effort, and a technical review of the intersection, the Salt Lake City plans to propose changes in preparation for the 2021 construction.

Improvements will prioritize:

  • People
  • Safety
  • Accessibility

Improvements being considered are:

  • Adding paint, posts, concrete refuge islands, and high visibility crosswalks to improve crossing safety for people walking and bicycling
  • Making changes to signal operations that control vehicle turn movements and reduces the potential for crashes for all users
  • Other improvements based on community feedback and review

Please take this quick online survey to share your perspective on this intersection and any other suggestions for us to consider. This survey will be shared with the design team as we craft the draft concept in the next few months. 

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As a City, we are committed to working to improve the safety and comfort for all who walk, ride, drive along our city streets. A current focus is on the need to increase safety for those who live and work near the intersection of 900 West and California Ave and their surrounding neighborhoods.

Improvement plans are underway but have not yet been funded. A request for funding is pending before the Salt Lake City Council, which determines which projects will receive money from the city’s Capital Improvement Program. We hope to have an update on project funding later this Fall.



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